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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2524 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2524 Start

Zhiyu couldn’t help sighing.

She also felt that what her mother said was right.

The elder sons of these top families may be very mysterious to the outside world, but the real top family members, know the elder sons of these other families very well.

Although these top-notch family elder sons are all so-called high-achieving students who have returned from studying abroad, Zhiyu knows that most of these are glamorous straw bags.

To put it nicely, it is embroidered pillows.

To put it ugly, it’s that the donkey sh!t is shiny.

Regardless of these big sons, each of them speaks fluent English. At the same time, they understand the world pattern and can talk about and give pointers to the development of the global economy. But if you really let him do it, he may immediately talk to the paper. He goes just blind.

Before that, there was a well-known son who was known as a business wizard. He made billions on his own ability in just a few years. But in a blink of an eye, the news of the company’s thunder and debts spread.

Billions of assets turned into billions of liabilities in an instant.

And such people are definitely not an exception in the upper class.

Therefore, it is difficult for Zhiyu to believe that her benefactor, her omnipotent benefactor, who is like a god from the sky, will also be the son of a big family.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but fall into deep thought again. After a long time, she said distressedly: “Mom, Blessed Man is not the son of a big family, but he is called the young master. What is his background?”

Liona smiled and said earnestly: “You have to find this benefactor. He has great magical powers and his abilities are no longer what I can imagine, so his identity is definitely not something we can easily guess.”

Speaking of this, a face suddenly flashed in her mind.

It was a very familiar but somewhat strange face.

That was the young man she saw at the door of Changying’s former residence, who looked exactly like Changying.

He looks so much like Changying that she can be sure that he is 100% Changying’s son.

Thinking of this, Liona couldn’t help but wonder: “Will the benefactor that Zhiyu was looking for is Changying’s son?!”

As soon as this idea came out, Liona couldn’t help but overturn her own speculation.

“I saw that young man that day. He was dressed in very ordinary clothes, and he was riding a tattered electric bike. It should be more difficult to come here. It shouldn’t be the benefactor Zhiyu has been thinking about…”

Liona fell into deep thought, and another question came up in her mind: “Then…who is the person who grabbed Changying’s former residence at the auction with me?”

Zhiyu saw her mother’s expression sometimes dignified, sometimes tangled, and sometimes confused, so she couldn’t help asking, “Mom, what are you thinking about?”

Liona came back to her senses and said hurriedly, “Oh, it’s nothing… I just thought about it for a while, but didn’t get any clues.”

After finishing talking, she said to Zhiyu: “Zhiyu, don’t worry too much. Since the benefactor arranged us here and let his subordinates protect us at all times, it is equivalent to establishing indirect contact with us. This is much more optimistic than when you found a needle in a haystack and couldn’t find any clues before, so you wait patiently, I believe he will show up sooner or later!”

Zhiyu nodded, and was about to speak when a flash of inspiration suddenly flashed in her mind: “Mom! Do you think this hotel is the property of the Benefactor?!”