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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2523 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2523 Start

Zhiyu didn’t expect that not only did the benefactor not show up, he even refused to let her communicate with the outside world, and her mood suddenly became even more disappointed.

She asked tentatively: “Will you let me report peace to my family? My grandfather must be very worried about the safety of my mother and me. Just report to him and let him know that we are all right. It’s…”

The woman shook her head and said seriously: “Sorry Miss Su, our young master’s order is not to let you contact anyone outside, no matter who the other party is.”

Although Zhiyu was a little bit uncomprehending in her heart, she nodded gently and thought: “Benefactor arranged like this, although it looks like he put my mother under house arrest, I believe he must have his reason, and it must be in good faith.”

So she said, “I understand, thank you.”

The woman hurriedly said, “Ms. Su is polite. You and Ms. Liona can tell us any needs, including what you want to eat and drink, what to wear, and you can tell me. Arrangements will be in place.”

“Okay…” Zhiyu bowed slightly and said gratefully, “Thank you!”

After speaking, she realized that her stomach was indeed a little hungry, and he said, “Um…Can you help me prepare some breakfast for my mother?”

The woman said without hesitation, “Of course, Miss Su, what would you like to eat?”

Zhiyu hurriedly said: “It’s all right, as long as it is lighter.”

“Okay.” The woman said, “Miss Su, please go back to the room and rest for a while. I will tell the kitchen to prepare.”

“Thank you!”

Zhiyu thanked, and then returned to the room.

When she returned to the room, Liona also walked out of the room. Seeing that her expression was a little lost, she hurriedly asked, “Zhiyu, how is it?”

Zhiyu said helplessly: “There were four female bodyguards at the door. They refused to let me go out. They said that it was the kindness of the young master who told us to let us stay here. There are many people outside now looking for our whereabouts. For the sake of safety, the benefactor will not let us have any contact with the outside world.”

“I originally wanted to report peace to the foreign official, but they didn’t allow it.”

Liona nodded slightly and said seriously: “This is understandable. Your grandfather wants my life, and some people want your life. I don’t know how complicated the situation is. If you let the outside world know that we two are still alive, I am afraid that it will really bring a lot of danger, and it will also cause a lot of trouble to your benefactor.”

Zhiyu asked, “Mom, the female bodyguard at the door said, it is the Young Master, then who do you think is the young master? Is there any great family in Aurous Hill?”

“Aurous Hill?” Liona frowned for a moment and said seriously: “I don’t really understand the situation in Aurous Hill. I know that there is a Song family with assets in the early hundreds of billions. This benefactor is extraordinary in strength and definitely not Song. A family of this size can be nurtured.”

“In other words, if the Song family can cultivate such extraordinary talents, the strength of the Song family will never be the scale it is today.”

Zhiyu asked again, “Could it be a hidden family?”

“Hidden family?” Liona thought for a while and said seriously: “I can’t say this, but to be honest, Aurous Hill’s economic situation is not among the top ten in China. In such a city, it is difficult to have a strong hidden family, after all, the water must be deep enough to be able to hide the giant.”

Zhiyu nodded in agreement and muttered to herself, “This is…”

After that, she had an idea, and then said, “Mom, then, do you think the benefactor is the young master of a big family in Eastcliff or other first-tier cities?”

“First-tier cities?” Liona was silent for a moment, and said, “There are only a few of the top domestic families. As far as I know, none of these families have very powerful young masters, just like the Su family, including your brother. Among the male descendants of the new generation, who can be considered a master? Other families are even more unlikely.”