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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2520 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2520 Start

Zhifei said angrily: “Dad! we are unclear about the life or death of Mom and Zhiyu at his hands. Tell me not to resist him too much? Didn’t you watch the video circulating on the Internet? Mom and Zhiyu were in that car What has become of it!”

“Stupid!” Zynn angrily shouted, “It has happened. What can you and your grandfather try to save?”

“Not only can nothing be saved, but you will also be gone forever!”

“You know, I am the eldest grandson of the Su family, and you are the eldest son of the Su family. Your grandfather will live for more than ten years at most. At that time, if I cannot be the head of the Su family, I will have to go away!”

“If your second uncle, your third uncle, or your fourth uncle took the seat of the head of the house, would it make our family feel better?!”

“I ask you, do you know how your grandfather’s brothers ended up after your grandfather becomes the owner of the house?”

“These uncles of mine didn’t have a chance to live in China! The day they failed to seize a position was the beginning of their family’s departure overseas!”

Speaking of this, Zynn said emotionally: “Those who have failed to seize the princes, leave China and go overseas, and can get less than 1% of the assets of the family. The most unlucky one can’t even get even that 1%. Here! Do you want to wait ten years to be kicked out of China, lose all the positions, funds, and assets given to you by the family, and bring your family several hundred million in assets to live overseas?”

Zhifei fell into silence.

As the saying goes, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.

Now he doesn’t care about money at all. He has private jets when he goes out, and in the world’s eyes, he has his own business. He can do whatever he wants. But once the father has said that he fails to seize his position and is sent overseas, he will lose everything instantly.

Better private jet costs hundreds of millions. If he really is deprived of all assets and leave only a few hundred million in for his family, what will he live on?

Zynn also knew very well that his words had touched his son’s heart, so he was very wise to choose enough to stop instead of rushing for success.

So he opened his mouth and said: “Okay, I’ll tell you this much first. Your grandfather asked me to go to Suzhou to meet him. You will find a place to stay in the city tonight and drive to Suzhou tomorrow morning. I will be able to arrive almost by tomorrow afternoon, when you come to the airport to see me, let’s meet your grandpa together!”

Zhifei was silent for a moment, no longer showing his rebellion and confrontation, and whispered: “I know Dad after you take off, send me a WeChat, and I will find time to pick you up.”

“Well, be careful and take care of yourself!”


This night, the reality is extremely calm, but the online world continues to boil.

The attacks and abuses against Chengfeng have intensified.

What he did has even begun to be reported by overseas media.

And he himself is quietly hiding in Suhang overnight.

Zynn boarded the private plane of the Su family and departed from Australia for a direct flight to Suzhou.

As for Zhifei, for the sake of caution, he did not go to seek refuge with anyone known to the family, nor did he go to the hotel. Instead, he lay in his limousine with the heater on all night.

This night, the three generations of the Su family, all had no sleep.

In sharp contrast to them, Liona and Zhiyu, mother and daughter, lay on the extremely comfortable bed in the hotel and slept peacefully all night.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Zhiyu was the first to wake up and opened her eyes slightly…