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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2514 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2514 Start

The butler looked terrified and blurted out: “You mean, the mysterious master saved the eldest lady last time in Japan, this time in Aurous Hill, or did he save the eldest lady?!”

“Yes!” Chengfeng nodded and blurted out: “I feel that way now! I always feel that Zhiyu is not dead! If she is really alive, then the person who saved her must have been saved in Japan. Her mysterious person once!”

The butler asked a little puzzled: “Master, if the man behind Aurous Hill this time is really the mysterious man in Japan, then I can understand that he saves the eldest young lady. What is his intention to kidnap the second son?”

Chengfeng said: “Knock Shoude, there is a high probability that he wants to avenge Zhiyu and her mother? After all, Shoude went to Aurous Hill to deal with this incident on behalf of the Su family. It is naturally the easiest thing to have him operated on.”

The butler hesitated: “Why is that mysterious person so good to Miss? Not only did he save her twice, but also went to help her out?”

Chengfeng said sadly, “I can’t tell you this. If my speculation is true, then this time he really took a stinky move…”

As he said, Chengfeng sighed and said to himself: “I knew that this mysterious master was affectionate and righteous to Zhiyu. I would kill me. I would not attack Liona. After all, she is Zhiyu’s mother. She gets killed, and Zhiyu is alive, she won’t forgive me in this life…”

In an instant, Chengfeng’s expression became extremely annoyed, and he said in pain, “If my speculation is correct, then this mysterious person originally had the opportunity to be available to my Su family! How could it have grown to where it is today!”

The butler hurriedly asked, “Master, if this is the case, is there still room for recovery?”

“Recover it?” Chengfeng wrinkled his old face into a ball, and said angrily: “How can I recover it now? I expelled her father and killed her mother. What’s more nonsense is Shoude and the damn Stuart, they also buckled Zhiyu’s black pot on my head. How could Zhiyu forgive me? She didn’t want my life, I burned the incense…”

The butler thought for a while, and hurriedly said, “Master, I have an idea, I don’t know if it is feasible…”

Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Say it!”

The housekeeper whispered: “In my opinion, it’s better to let the eldest son come back now! On the one hand, you have to apologize to him and explain that you started with Liona to protect the family’s reputation. As for the eldest lady, this is simply someone who wants to plant the blame. Here you are! On the other hand, if you ask him to come back and continue to sit where he was before, it is tantamount to taking a step back and showing him good.”

Chengfeng’s expression immediately became very strange.

The butler continued at this time: “Master, if your speculation is correct, if the eldest lady is still alive, then her mother must be alive too. You expelled the eldest son to Australia before, and today you expelled the eldest son’s family, this is almost tantamount to offending all the four members of that branch of the family…”

As he said, he remembered something, and hurriedly added: “Oh, yes, and Ruoli! If Ruoli is still missing, if this mysterious person is really in Aurous Hill, then I guess Ruoli might return alive, maybe even by his side…”

“So it seems, Master, what you offended is their family of five…”

“So, the most important thing for you now, sir, is to quickly break one by one and try to save yourself. As long as there is someone in the family of four and someone speaks for you, you will have a chance to break the game instead of being at a dead end!”

Chengfeng was silent for a long time.

He understands what this steward means.

He knew that he had really offended his eldest son Zynn’s family too hard.

If Zynn is recalled, and confess to him, and reinstate his heir position, then this matter might be reversed.