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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2509 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2509 Start

After Zhongquan heard the news of Shoude’s disappearance, he immediately summoned his sons and Leon for a meeting overnight.

In this meeting, Zhongquan and his sons were very excited.

The Su family’s loss was indeed heavy this time.

The eldest son was sacrificed in the last round and the fame of Master Su was preserved, but in a blink of an eye, the second son also folded in, which would definitely make the entire Su family army upset.

Moreover, the shortage of manpower is the next most serious problem for the Su family.

But at this moment, Leon suddenly received a message. He looked down at his mobile phone and said with excitement: “Master, it seems that someone has exposed Su’s family on a short video platform! Now the discussion among netizens is very intense!”

“Oh?!” Zhongquan hurriedly asked, “What is exposed? Let me take a look!”

Leon immediately opened the short video platform, and the one that ranked first in the algorithm recommendation was the video uploaded by Charlie.

Everyone hurriedly gathered around, and just watched it for a few dozen seconds, and everyone was excited with no addition.

After watching the video, Zhongquan was a little trembling with excitement: “This…this…this is really God helping me! God helping me too! Chengfeng, the immortal old man, not this time. Was pressed to the ground and exploded with a hammer?! The Su family is over this time! Hahaha!”

Charlie’s uncle, Andrew, couldn’t help sighing: “As soon as this video came out, the Su family basically had no room for return. Not only would the people across the country attack them, but the police would also attack them, and the Du family would not let go!”

“Yeah!” Changyun said with a smile, “In my opinion, it won’t be long before the strength of the Su family will be weakened in many ways. Maybe we don’t need to do anything. We will become the first family in the country in a few days!”

Zhongquan nodded and said: “This time, things are extraordinary. This old thing Chengfeng dares to make fun of the lives of hundreds of people. It is impossible for the people above him to forgive him easily! This time he really caught fire!”

The boss, Andrew, couldn’t help asking, “Dad, how do you think the above will punish the Su family?”

Zhongquan said seriously: “For such an important matter, and it has caused such great public outrage, the Su family might have someone to bear criminal responsibility, otherwise it would not be easy to give the general public an explanation.”

Andrew exclaimed, “Take criminal responsibility?! Could that old man Chengfeng go to jail?”

Zhongquan shook his head and said, “Chengfeng is already in his seventies or eighty years old. It is basically impossible to go to jail. Even if he is sentenced, he should be executed outside prison.”

Andrew asked again, “Dad, do you think Chengfeng will be arrested and sentenced this time?”

Zhongquan smiled, “It depends on whether Chengfeng can find a scapegoat this time.”

Having said this, he couldn’t help but said with sarcasm: “But I see, if Chengfeng wants to find someone to come out and take the blame, all the people can’t agree. After all, he has already had a precedent for throwing the pot to Zynn. In this case, even if he pushes another son out to top the bag, the people will not buy it.”

Andrew smiled and said, “If you say so, then he will be doomed this time.”

Zhongquan nodded and said, “This time it must be impossible for him to want to dump, but you know that this kind of thing was not killed by him. Besides, Shred is also dead. There is no evidence for this kind of thing now. Chengfeng quibbled at that time and said that he just wanted Shred to help teach Liona, and did not instruct Shred to kill. Then it is impossible to directly convict him of intentional homicide.”

After speaking, Zhongquan added: “After all, the Su family still has a lot of strength. Chengfeng definitely has a way to get himself out of crime and reduce punishment as much as possible. In addition, he is indeed very old. He may really be sentenced to a felony, so I estimate that he is likely to be sentenced to a serious crime and then sentenced to a few years in prison. He is indeed very old. When the time comes, he will apply for another sentence outside prison. Even if it passes.”

Andrew couldn’t help sighing with emotion: “Hey! It would be good if Shred hadn’t died. If he was captured alive and let him tell the truth about the matter in court, then Chengfeng would not be able to escape death.”

Zhongquan smiled slightly: “Andrew, you, you are still too naive in front of Chengfeng.”

Andrew asked puzzledly: “Dad, what do you mean by this?”

Zhongquan said indifferently: “If Shred is really not dead, Chengfeng might have fled the country overnight!”