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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2505 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2505 Start

At this moment, the whole network is sympathetic to the Su family’s suffering, but also can not wait to find out the culprit behind the scenes as soon as possible, so that the whole case can be brought to the surface.

However, at the moment, neither the Su family, nor the police, nor the general public can find any real valuable clues.

The actual fact is that if you have a little bit of the so-called clues on the internet, you will immediately get a lot of people watching.

After this video was sent out, the title mentioned the big reveal and immediately attracted many users to click on it.

This look does not matter, the whole video clearly and intuitively displayed in front of the audience’s face all the facts.

At the beginning, it is the scene of a tragic car accident.

Shred was killed, Liona and Zhiyu were seriously injured and their lives were uncertain.

Immediately afterwards, Stuart faced the camera and introduced himself.

He then told the shocking secret of all!

It turns out that the reason why Liona and Zhiyu were kidnapped by Shred is not a coincidence at all.

The reason for this is that Old Su wanted this all.

The reason is that he is very dissatisfied with Liona’s divorce from his son, and is very annoyed with her behavior in coming to Aurous Hill to attend the auction.

He even had to kill his own granddaughter for that!

Seeing this, all the audience could not help but have a very strong sense of disgust for Chengfeng.

At this point, Charlie changed his voice questioning, in the video appeared.

Charlie questioned him, Chengfeng, the old dog, for the sake of his own family’s sh!t, why he had to create such a terrible horrible event.

At that moment, everyone remembered that Shred had tied explosives, stormed into the treasure Pavellion, and shot several hostages, all at the behest of Chengfeng!

Not only several innocent hostages died in vain because of Chengfeng’s conspiracy.

More importantly, the safety of hundreds of people was constantly threatened by his explosives!

It was almost a tragic incident!

And behind this, it was all Chengfeng’s idea!

This old dog, simply bad to the bone!

The next thing they saw was Shoude’s video, the wretched Shoude admitted to the camera that Chengfeng, the old dog, not only wanted to harm Liona and Zhiyu, even Ruoli, was also the victim of Chengfeng’s schemes!

What’s even more outrageous is that Chengfeng, the old dog, not only harmed his granddaughter, but also put Zynn out to take the blame. It is simply inhumane!

In an instant, all the netizens who saw this video were enraged by Chengfeng’s shameless behavior.

These netizens immediately became part of the crack propaganda, forwarding this explosive video to all their friends and family.

In an instant, the traffic to this video skyrocketed by hundreds of times!

In just 10 minutes, tens of millions of people had already watched the video.

The trend of public opinion on the Internet immediately changed 360 degrees.

The internet users used all the vicious words they could think of to curse Chengfeng.

The police were struggling to find any relevant clues and suddenly found this video and were furious.

Just an hour ago, the public relations director of the Su family made a phone call to urge the police to solve the case as soon as possible, to give the Su family an explanation, and also to rescue the three missing members of the Su family as soon as possible.

The police also felt a lot of pressure, because after all, the Su family is the most powerful family in the country, but unexpectedly, three members of the family disappeared in Aurous Hill, which brought pressure to the Aurous Hill police, comparable to the Tokyo Police Department during the Tokyo chaos.

But they never imagined that just when they were trying their best to solve the case, this video would suddenly break out!

It turns out that the whole thing is just the Su family’s thief shouting to catch a thief!

The Su family kept saying that they wanted the police to solve the case as soon as possible so that they could give them an explanation, but in fact, they were behind all the bloodshed!

What’s even more unacceptable is that they chose to implicate several innocent hostages in this way, even though their own families were fighting within themselves!

This is simply a disregard for the law