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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2504 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2504 Start

If she made this call before she regains her freedom, then 80% is to let him let her go.

However, after she regained her freedom, she called him to subdue herself, which is really incredible.

Maybe, the father forced her to apologize.

But Charlie didn’t bother to talk with her too much. After all, there was still an explosive video to be released, so he said lightly: “I hope you can keep a low profile in the future, not be so arrogant and do it for yourself.”

After speaking, he ended the call directly.

On the other end of the phone, Cynthia gritted her teeth angrily, stomping her feet, and said to herself: “Good boy, you fu*king wait for me, I’ll let this out sooner or later!”


Charlie hung up Cynthia’s phone and continued to edit the video.

At this moment, he received a news feed.

When he looked at the title, he couldn’t help laughing out loud immediately.

The title is: “The Su Group suffered a series of plots. Following the disappearance of Liona and Zhiyu, Shoude, the vice president of the Su Group, is also kidnapped in Aurous Hill! 》

Charlie clicked on this headline curiously and found this news, it was written that Shoude was kidnapped and disappeared in Aurous Hill.

In addition, the news writer also speculated that there must be an extremely powerful company, family, or organization that is deliberately launching an attack against the Su family.

First, Liona and Zhiyu were kidnapped, and now it was Shoude who evaporated from the world. All of this came to the Su family!

He urged the majority of netizens to discern the truth and not to be misled by those who deliberately discredit the Su family on the Internet. He also kept saying that all conspiracies will eventually be broken, and the black hands behind the scenes will eventually surface and accept the law.

Originally, some netizens did not believe that the Su family was really innocent.

However, when they saw the news that Shoude was also missing in Aurous Hill, they changed their views.

In their view, this must be someone deliberately rectifying the Su family.

The Su family is really miserable. The daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and son have been kidnapped one after another, life and death are uncertain, and they are almost framed and mistaken for the murder of their daughter-in-law and granddaughter…

In a short period of time, the comment area was full of sympathy and support for the Su family.

When Charlie saw this, a smile appeared on his face.

In his opinion, the more Su family desperately seized every opportunity to cleanse, the worse it naturally fell.

However, this old dog Chengfeng is really a contemporary hero.

Ruoli, he said that she can be sold;

Liona, his daughter-in-law, he said that she could be killed.

Now that his own son has disappeared, he did not forget to take this opportunity to wash the ground for the Su family. The method is really extraordinary.

However, he must have never imagined that all these efforts he made will not only help the Su Family to reverse public opinion but will make the Su Family’s death worse!

He used ten minutes to edit all the videos.

In the past ten minutes, the Su family has bought almost all of the media software, madly pushing the press release just now, and the public opinion on the Internet has completely supported the Su family.

Charlie unhurriedly turned on the short video platform and used the vest to upload the edited video.

The title he gave to the video was: “The Kidnapping Case of Aurous Hill Treasure Pavilion and the Unknown Case of the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel Car Accident! 》