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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2502 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2502 Start

Although Cynthia was very aggrieved in her heart, it was not good to see her father say so. If she continues to force him, she can only be aggrieved and said: “Then, dad, don’t forget to order the plane before you sleep… ..”

Zhongquan was very tired and said, “You don’t need to call me for such trivial things as dispatching airplanes. You can call Leon and let him arrange it.”

Cynthia felt even more aggrieved when she heard this.

“Of course I know. I’ll just talk to Leon for this kind of thing.”

“But the reason why I went to the old man directly is not to pretend to be pitiful in front of him?”

“This will also make the old man’s impression of Charlie worse.”

“Besides, the old man knows that I have suffered such a grievance in Aurous Hill, and he will definitely give me some compensation.”

“Unexpectedly, the old man does not value me so much…”

Although Cynthia was dissatisfied in her heart, she did not dare to continue to mess with the old man at this time.

She was about to say goodnight to the old man and ended the video immediately. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the landline on the bedside of the old man suddenly rang.

The landline at the head of the old man’s bed is his emergency communication line.

Only when a major incident occurs and the old man is already resting, the subordinates who report the matter will find the old man through this dedicated line.

At this time, Zhongquan also realized that something important might have happened, so he couldn’t care about it. After finishing the call on video, he picked up the landline and asked, “What happened?”

On the phone, Leon blurted out, “Master! Just received the message, Shoude, the second child of the Su family, went to Aurous Hill tonight, he disappeared in Aurous Hill!”

“What?!” Zhongquan, who was tired a second before, immediately sat up and asked excitedly, “Shoude disappeared in Aurous Hill?! Really?!”

Leon said, “It’s true! The Su family sent many people to Aurous Hill overnight to search for his whereabouts like a carpet search!”

Zhongquan suddenly became extremely excited. He laughed and said, “It’s great! It’s great! Zynn went to Australia as a scapegoat. Shoude disappeared in Aurous Hill again. The Su family lost two people in a row this time, which is equivalent to the old fox Chengfeng’s hands and feet half-worn!”

After speaking, he couldn’t help sighing, “Shoude must have been done by Charlie! In the whole Aurous Hill, only he has this kind of strength and courage!”

Leon said: “Master, there is currently no clear evidence that Master Charlie must have done it.”

Zhongquan smiled confidently: “It must be him! It must be him! Apart from him, there will be no second person!”

After speaking, Zhongquan said again: “Charlie even dares to move the second son of the Su family! It’s true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!”

On the phone, Leon said solemnly: “Master, Master Charlie is the son of the second son! Someone has said that the second son is the destiny of the true dragon, and the second son is the son of the second son, so he is not a newborn calf. , He is… he is a dragon!”

Zhongquan laughed loudly and said, “Yes, yes! He is the son of Changying! He is as kind as his father!”

Speaking of this, Zhongquan said excitedly: “With Charlie here, the Wade family’s take-off is just around the corner! Just around the corner!”

Cynthia was shocked when she heard this.

She has no energy to feeling sad for the excitement of her father now.

She was completely shocked by what Charlie did now.

She was incomparably shocked, and she was terrified: “Charlie, this guy…Is this guy crazy?! Even dare to move Shoude?! That’s the second son of the Su family! This guy even doesn’t take Shoude seriously, and if I am tied up, what will I do to make him pay for the humiliation he gave me?!”