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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2501 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2501 Start

Early morning.

Aurous Hill City Village.

Cynthia, who had lost at least a dozen jins, walked out of the dark alley empty-handed. ?

Five minutes ago, Orvel’s men opened the door of her room and told her that she could leave.

At that moment, Cynthia cried bitterly.

She had been fed up with Aurous Hill, a cold, shabby, dark, and humid city village.

She stayed in this tattered place for so many days, and there was a cheap musty smell all over her body, which made her feel sick all the time.

She could leave early, but Charlie delayed her for several days for no reason and then added another seven days to the original deadline.

In fact, if you count it, it’s past early morning, which means it’s overtime again.

However, this time Cynthia had learned well, and she didn’t dare to yell at Charlie, or even to those who were guarding her.

Therefore, at the moment of getting permission, she almost didn’t even think about it and went straight out.

After running out, she realized that she didn’t know where to go so late.

She wants to return to Eastcliff immediately, but there can be no flights at this time. If her private plane is transferred from Eastcliff, it will take at least two or three hours, so where will she go in these two or three hours?

Thinking of this, she immediately called Issac.

She felt that Issac also had a private jet in Aurous Hill, and she could directly ask him to send her back.

However, what she didn’t expect in her dream was that Issac’s mobile phone turned off.

Issac knew that Orvel was going to release Cynthia tonight, so he set his phone to do not disturb mode long ago.

In this Do Not Disturb mode, only Charlie can get through his phone, and any other number calling him will prompt the user to shut down.

Seeing that the phone couldn’t get through, Cynthia cursed and said, “This damn Issac, how can the phone be turned off? Is he hiding from me on purpose? What a jerk!”

In anger, Cynthia has no time to get angry with Issac. The most important thing for her now is to return to Eastcliff quickly.

So, she sent a video call to her father, Zhongquan.

At this time, the old man had already fallen asleep, and when he received the video call, he asked a little sleepily: “Cynthia, what’s the matter so late?”

Cynthia cried and said, “Dad! Charlie, that little [email protected], finally let me be released, but I can’t go back to Eastcliff now. Issac b[email protected] mobile phone is also turned off. Please take a look and arrange a one for me to come and pick me up…”

Zhongquan said, “It’s Charlie to give you a set time? Then take a taxi to the airport, and I will arrange a plane to pick you up.”

Cynthia choked and said, “Dad! You shouldn’t let me take a taxi to the airport. I have never taken a taxi before when I grew up. The taxis are broken, and a car would be worse than the four tires on my car. It’s not valuable, and everybody in it sits on top of it. It’s so dirty.”

Zhongquan said helplessly: “Cynthia! You are now in a special period. You have lived in a dirty and messy village for so many days. Are you afraid of taking a taxi?”

Cynthia wowed and burst into tears: “Dad! I came to Aurous Hill according to your request this time, but I really have faced all the hardship I have never experienced in my life…”

Zhongquan also had a headache, and said, “Okay, you have something to say, you are all this old, don’t cry at all, crying won’t solve any problems.”

After speaking, he yawned and said weakly, “Hey, I’m too sleepy. This man is very old. If I don’t sleep well, my body will be affected too much, so I won’t follow you. Let’s talk more, you can take a taxi to the airport, I’ll go to bed first.”