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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2500 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2500 Start

Charlie sighed and said, “The Su family’s energy is very strong. Although they didn’t have any industry and connections in Aurous Hill before, once they thought about it, they could immediately turn Aurous Hill upside down. Maybe the whole Aurous Hill would be turned over tomorrow. There may be at least dozens of helicopters flying back and forth in the sky, searching for clues. You have to pay attention.”

Orvel nodded and said seriously, “Master, don’t worry, I will go all out!”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “I can rest assured that you do things, so let’s go, I’ll go first.”


Leaving kennel, Charlie returned to the city in a Rolls Royce driven by Issac.

Because Shoude and Steve had just been brought to the kennel, the Su family must be looking for clues all over Aurous Hill, so Charlie didn’t take the helicopter back.

It is too late now. If the helicopter at night is not covered by fireworks, the movement must be very loud and it must be very noticeable.

Therefore, it is safer to take a car, at least not to give the Su family any clues.

On the way back, Issac drove while asking Charlie: “Master, when do you plan to send the video?”

Charlie said, “I’ll post it in the middle of the night! I’ll go back and edit the video, and then process my voice, and then I can send it out.”

Issac hurriedly asked: “Then are you going to post it on the short video platform?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded and said, “The overall strength of the Su family is still very strong. If I post on other platforms, it is likely that they will be sent to the publicist immediately, but if I post on the family’s own On the short video platform, there is such a great opportunity to step on the Su family. The Wade family definitely can’t miss it. Therefore, they will definitely not delete the video.”

Issac smiled and said: “If you really post the video on the Wade family’s short video platform, not only will the family not delete it, but I am afraid that they will do everything possible to promote crazy…”

Charlie smiled and said, “That would be better.”


When Charlie returned home, Claire was still busy in the study.

Before Charlie left for Aurous Hill International Hotel, she had been busy with the company’s business, and now she came back, she has not finished her work.

He gently pushed open the door of the study room, Claire was adjusting the design manuscript in front of the computer.

Charlie looked at his wife’s back, feeling a little distressed in his heart.

“I knew that my wife would be so desperate for the cooperation of the Emgrand Group. Actually, it is better not to give her this project…”

“It’s just that I didn’t turn my head back when I opened the bow. My wife attaches so much importance to this cooperation. If I the director asked to stop the cooperation now, she will definitely be hit hard.”

Thinking of this, he lightly sighed and closed the door again without disturbing Claire.

Back in the room, Charlie put water for himself and soaked in the bathtub, while holding the mobile phone in his hand, using simple video editing software, he began to process some of the footage shot today.

The main material is two parts.

Part of it is in the tunnel, shooting the part of Stuart;

The other part was in the kennel, where Shoude was filmed.

These two parts not only clearly stated the fact that it was Elder Su who instructed to kill Liona, but also threw Zhiyu’s pot on his elder son’s head.

Charlie knew very well that as long as he sent out the edited video, the reputation of the Su family would be devastated!

Chengfeng will also become the most despised old dog by the people of the whole country!