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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 250 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 250 Start

Charlie asked curiously: “Beyond the mundane world? What do you say?”

Warnia said seriously: “Mr. Charlie looks ugly, but he is actually very capable, capable but not arrogant, usually not showing up, but once someone touches your limit, you will not hesitate. The counterattack, and the decisive killing and not leaving any opportunity for the opponent to backhand, these qualities are by no means carried by the ordinary people.

After that, Warnia said again: “More importantly, I don’t understand. Why do you want to be a live-in son-in-law in the Willson family because you have such a great ability? The Willson family is just a second-and third-rate ordinary family. You are a great god, stay in it?”

Charlie didn’t answer her question, but asked her: “Then you think if I don’t stay in the Willson family, where should I stay? Or, do you think, where can I stay in it?”

Warnia said seriously: “I think you should marry a top-notch big family. For an expert like you, countless big families will sharpen their heads and marry their daughters to you.”

Charlie said with a smile: “What’s the point of that? This kind of combination of interests does not have any love factor in itself. A girl from a big family is willing to marry someone she doesn’t like? Or just want to be herself Is your life under the command and control of your family?”

Warnia naturally said: “Of course! Any big family has always been particularly strict with the girls in the family. For example, you must go to a very top aristocratic school, not to learn knowledge, but to learn aristocratic social etiquette. For another example, if we are under a certain age or timing, the family strictly forbids us from contacting the opposite s3x, and never allows us to fall in love on our own.

“Really?” Charlie asked surprised: “This is the 21st century. How come you big families are more feudal than those in the ancient feudal society of our country?”

“This is not feudal.” Warnia said earnestly: “This is the survival rule of the upper family.”

“Law of survival?” Charlie asked curiously: “How to say?”

Warnia said seriously: “We need to cooperate, bind, and exchange resources with other families. Therefore, one of the family mottos of our Song family is very important: All direct members of the family must obey the family when talking about marriage.”

“In the feudal society, the requirement of the Song family to intermarriage was that the marriage must be between the cousins, that is, the previous cousin married the cousin, this cousin married that cousin, this is to prevent wealth dilution or outflow, but now the country prohibits three generations blood relatives to married, but even abroad, many cousins ​​still get married.”

“Later, our family motto was gradually relaxed. We did not require marriage with a cousin, but we had to intermarry with other large families. The other side’s family power can be higher than our own, but it must not be too much lower than ours.”

Speaking of this, Warnia sighed and continued: “The family believes that a family has the value of cooperation, and it will find ways to let the men of the family marry the women of the other family, or marry the women of the family into the other family. All family members must focus on family interests and must not disobey any arrangements made by the family, especially major marriages.”

Charlie sighed, and said, “It seems that this big family also has the distress of the big family. The richer, the more greedy for money.”

When speaking, Charlie also sighed inwardly. It seemed that if he returned to the Wade family, the Wade family would absolutely have to exercise the same control over him, and might even look down on the Willson family and force him to divorce Claire. , And then introduce him to a wealthy daughter from another big family.

It seemed that the Wade family really couldn’t return.

Thinking in his heart, Charlie asked: “By the way, I think Miss Song you are also at the age of marrying. I wonder if your family has arranged a good marriage partner for you?”

Warnia shook her head and said, “It was originally planned. First, my cousin Honor’s marriage was decided. His fiancee was the daughter of a northern family designated by my grandfather. When it was my turn, my grandfather was seriously ill. So I didn’t care about this matter anymore, but now my grandpa is healed from illness, I guess he will start planning my marriage soon.”