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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2498 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2498 Start

Charlie ignored him, looked at Steve, and said, “Steve, do you know why I caught your son here?”

Steve blinked red and shook his head.

Charlie looked at Walter and said coldly: “Come on, Walter, tell your father about your glorious history.”

“I…” Walter suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Charlie said coldly: “Hurry up!”

Seeing Charlie’s anger, Walter shuddered at once, and hurriedly said, “I speak, I’ll just say…”

Immediately, he looked at Steve and choked up: “Dad, it’s all my fault, it’s my fault…”

As he said, he coveted Doris’s beauty, and at the same time, he peeped into the Aurous Hill industry of the Emgrand Group, in order to achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone, the whole process of poisoning Doris’s father.

After Steve heard this, his whole person was almost collapsed.

At this moment, he knew that his son, who was seemingly well-behaved and sensible with unlimited potential, turned out to be a s*um in his bones.

It was precisely because of his own son’s inferior behavior that ruined his own future and ruined himself by the way.

His heart was filled with resentment, and a slap was slapped on Walter’s face, and he roared: “You [email protected]! You not only ruined yourself, you ruined me!”

Walter cried and said, “Dad…I’m sorry…I…I didn’t want things to develop like this…”

As he said, he looked at Charlie and choked up: “Mr. Wade, you have been wronged, and I have the debt. I will bear my own responsibility. Please let my father leave here and return to the United States.”

Charlie couldn’t help laughing: “Walter, do you really treat me as a three-year-old child? I will let your dad go back now. If he goes back to move the rescuer and come to rescue you, wouldn’t it cause me trouble?”

After that, Charlie said again: “Furthermore, I told you before, since you can drag Doris’s father into the water, then I can learn how to drag your father into the water, starting now, Your dad will stay here for ten years, he will take care of you and at the same time make atonement for you!”

Walter looked at Steve in tears, crying, and said, “Dad, I’m sorry…”

Steve also shed tears.

He really didn’t expect to come to China, and he would completely ruin his future and even the freedom of life.

Charlie pointed to the empty cage next door and said to Shoude: “Mr. Su, this is the single room you will live in in the future. If you feel lonely, the son next door can be your company. After a while, I’ll find an opportunity to bring your dad over, so that you two father and son can make a table of Mahjong.”

Shoude felt a chill in his heart when he heard this.

“Charlie forced me to record so many videos. If this were really exposed, the old man would definitely hate me. If he really brought the old man over, it would be so embarrassing to see the father and son in a cage. awkward……”

“Moreover, if Charlie really got the old man in, wouldn’t it be my eldest brother?!”

“At that time, my father and I will live in a dog cage here, and he will inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch outside. Then he will become a serf and sing and become the final winner?!”

Thinking of this, Shoude felt so uncomfortable.

Originally, he felt that if his eldest brother Zynn was forced away, he would become the heir of the Patriarch.

Seeing that he’s done, he didn’t expect to come to a small place like Aurous Hill to end up like this…

Just when his whole person was in great pain, Charlie suddenly remembered something and asked, “Hey, Mr. Su, when we first met in the hotel room, what did you say that you want to beat someone?”