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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2494 Free Novel

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Charlie continued at this time: “As for the second video just now, that is, the video where you confessed that you wanted to kill Zhiyu, I will send it to him when your elder brother kills Chengfeng and becomes the head of the Su family. “

“In case Zynn has a chance to comeback, then even if Chengfeng is killed, you will not be able to breathe a sigh of relief, because once your elder brother finds out that you wanted to kill his daughter, he will find a way to find you. Kill you at all costs.”

“Look, how is my closed-loop designed? Whether your dad wins or your brother wins, your end will be dead.”

Hearing this, Shoude’s tears were already welling up.

He got it.

He really understood this time!

“What Charlie has to do is to keep my father and eldest brother in a state of being hostile to each other all the time, and even kill each other quickly…”

“These videos are in his hands, I am dead anyway!”

“The game between the old man and the big brother, if the old man wins, I have to die; if the big brother wins, I still have to die!”

“Charlie…you…your poisonous heart!”

Seeing Shoude’s tears, Charlie sneered, and said, “So if you want me to say, you just stay here honestly. I asked Orvel to prepare a single room for you, which is definitely the best treatment here. If you are still here, I can save your dog’s life, but if you want to escape, it doesn’t matter. At that time, either your father wants to kill you, or your elder brother wants to kill you. You weigh yourself.”

Shoude suddenly cried: “Mr. Wade… please give me a way to survive… or let us work together, you help me solve my father and my elder brother, I inherit the Su family property After that, all the assets of the Su family will be divided and you will get 30%!”

After that, Shoude hurriedly said again: “Mr. Wade, if you are willing to cooperate with me, I can cooperate with you immediately. First go back to kill my father, and then go to Australia to solve my eldest brother!”

Hearing this, Orvel immediately cursed: “Fuk! Shoude, you fuKing want to fart? Do you want to fool Master Wade and let him help you up? You f*cking deserve it too?!”

Ruoli on the side heard that Shoude wanted to provoke Charlie to kill her father, and hurriedly blurted out: “Master, you can’t listen to him slanderously! This kind of person has no credibility at all!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Shoude, even if you kill your father and your elder brother, I won’t let you inherit the Su family.”

Speaking of this, Charlie’s expression suddenly became very cold, and he sternly said: “I will continue to work hard and flatten the entire Su family!”

Shoude was frightened by Charlie’s eyes.

Because Charlie’s eyes were full of killing intent!

At this moment, Charlie turned around, looked at Ruoli, and said lightly: “Ruoli, I know you care about Zynn. After all, he is your father, I can understand, but I can tell you clearly now if Zynn really has something to do with the death of my parents. I will kill him myself. If you dare to stop me then I will kill you too.”

Ruoli’s body trembled immediately, and quickly lowered her head, and said respectfully: “Master, Ruoli’s life is yours. Ruoli dare not stop you from doing anything. If my father is really your enemy, you want to avenge your father. If you leave, I will not stop it…”

Speaking of this, Ruoli knelt on the ground with a puff, and sobbed and pleaded: “Young Master Wade, Ruoli has only one request! If my father has nothing to do with the death of your parents, please raise your hand and spare him. Life……”

Charlie said blankly, “Don’t worry, I only kill the sc*m of earth. If your father and my parents’ death has no direct relationship, I will naturally spare him.”

Immediately afterwards, Charlie turned around and said coldly: “However! In any case, Zynn will have to pay the price for the formation of the “Anti-Wade Alliance”! Even if the death penalty is unavoidable, the living sin is still inevitable!”