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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2493 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2493 Start

At this moment, Charlie looked at Shoude who was flustered, smiled slightly, and said: “The video just now was shot in three episodes.”

“The first paragraph is your confession. It was Chengfeng who wanted to kill Liona. At the same time, he gave Chengfeng the pot, saying that he also wanted to kill Zhiyu;”

“In the second paragraph, you confessed in person, but you actually hired Shred to kill Zhiyu;”

“The third paragraph is your confession. In Japan, it was Chengfeng who secretly betrayed Ruoli and then gave it to your elder brother Zynn…”

Having said that, Charlie smacked his lips and continued: “Tsk…but, the first paragraph and the second paragraph are somewhat contradictory in themselves, so if I want to send out, I can only choose between the two. One……”

After speaking, Charlie looked at him with interest and asked, “Shoude, what do you think I will send out?”

Shoude shook his head, he couldn’t figure out Charlie’s preferences, he didn’t know what Charlie wanted to do.

In fact, the first and second paragraphs, no matter which one is sent out, you will have bad luck.

Seeing that he was not talking, Charlie smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, I plan to send out the first and third paragraphs, because these two paragraphs put the three of Liona, Zhiyu, and Ruoli. Everything falls on Chengfeng alone. This should be enough for the old dog to drink a pot!

“I am a person who prefers to concentrate firepower to fight tough battles, so we must first gather all the firepower and knock down the old dog Chengfeng!”

After speaking, Charlie smiled, changed the conversation, and continued: “As for the second video…I plan to keep it first and send it to your elder brother Zynn in the future.”

Shoude asked dumbfounded: “Why… why would you send it to my big brother…”

Charlie smiled and said, “If I send the first and third videos to your elder brother, your elder brother knows that Chengfeng wants to kill his two daughters and also wants to kill his wife. Do you think he will fight Chengfeng desperately? “

Shoude said in embarrassment, “This…My elder brother is afraid that he has this heart, and doesn’t have this ability…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Charlie said with a smile: “Whether Zynn has the ability to put aside first, as long as they can completely turn their father and son back, it is enough for me.”

Shoude couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

“I really can’t figure out why this young man in his 20s is so black?”

“If he really sends out the video, the eldest brother and the old man are going to forge a feud…”

“The point is, I shake everything out of the old man’s affairs, and also throw Zhiyu’s pot to the old man, the old man will hate me to the bone!”

At this time, Charlie said again: “When the first and third video messages are sent out, Zynn must want to kill Chengfeng in his dreams, and Chengfeng probably wanted to kill you in his dreams! Then, you will beg me Take you in and save your dog’s life, otherwise, if you just go out, you will be killed by Chengfeng. Even if he doesn’t kill you, it will make you worse off.”

Shoude was even more frightened.

“Charlie is right.”

“If these two videos are sent out, the old man will definitely strip me alive…”

“This is not an exaggerated sentence, it is a standard declarative sentence!”

“At that time, I’m afraid I really have to beg Charlie to take me in. Otherwise, as long as he let me go out, even if the old man knew that I was threatened by him, he would definitely not forgive me…”