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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2492 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2492 Start

The frightened Shoude hurriedly blurted out: “I say, I say all…”

Charlie nodded and turned on the recording function of the mobile phone video.

When Shoude saw that he was going to record the video, he said in a panic: “Wade…Mr. Wade, what do you want to know, I will be honest, but can you please stop recording the video…”

Charlie asked him back: “What? Do you dare to do it and still dare not recognize it?”

Shoude vaguely said, “No…no, I just…I just…but I’m not used to it…”

Charlie glanced at him in disgust, and said coldly, “Hammers, nonsense, Orvel, clap your mouth again!”

Without saying anything, Orvel rushed up and kicked Shoude’s fat belly, kicked him to the ground, and then stepped directly on his chest, bent over, and slapped him twice.

Shoude was pumped, and the tears of grievance fluttered in his eyes.

He had never suffered such a crime in his life, so naturally he felt 10,000 aggrieved.

But he also knew that there was no point in being aggrieved right now.

If you don’t cooperate honestly, Charlie is afraid that he will let Orvel take off his arms and legs.

At this moment, Ruoli, who had not spoken all the time, left her mouth and said, “Master, it is too cheap to slap him against this kind of bastard. As long as you order me, I will cut off his arms and see if he dares. He dare not sloppy with you!”

Shoude’s liver trembled in fright, and he blurted out, “No! Don’t! I will speak, I will say it!

Charlie said coldly: “If you don’t get to the point anymore, I will hand you over to Ruoli.”

Shoude couldn’t help shivering, and said tremblingly: “Mr. Wade, it was indeed I who let Shred kill Zhiyu. I asked my subordinates to give his family 20 million, and then let his family notify him to kill Liona. At the time, bring Zhiyu alongside…”

Charlie asked, “Why did you want to kill Zhiyu? She is your niece, so she didn’t provoke you, right?”

Shoude hurriedly said, “I…I want to avoid future troubles…because the old man is very dissatisfied with my elder brother and very dissatisfied with Zhifei. If we kill Zhiyu, The future Patriarch of the Su family must be me…”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Who was it that decided to betray Ruoli?”

Shoude said without hesitation: “It was my dad’s idea…”

Charlie asked back: “So, your elder brother Zynn was actually used by Chengfeng as a scapegoat?”

“Yes…” Shoude said frankly, “If the betrayal of Ruoli just broke out, people all over the country are scolding the old man. The old man feels that his fame in his entire life cannot be smashed because of Ruoli in his old age. , So he gave it all to my elder brother, and drove him to Australia…”

Charlie nodded, ended the video recording, and said lightly: “If you cooperated earlier, you won’t have to take the slap these a few times, so next time you stay alert and don’t make the same mistake again.”

Shoude was bitter and couldn’t tell, his expression was uglier than his dead father, and asked with a sad face, “Mr. Wade… are you planning to send out all the videos just now?”

Regarding the current situation of the Su family, Shoude couldn’t be more clear.

Originally today, the kidnapping of Liona and Zhiyu was questioned by netizens across the country.

It’s hard to find a lot of PR soldiers to come out to act as the victims, and forcibly subverting everyone’s cognition. If all the things he just said are exposed, then the Su family will be over.

Not only will the Su family be over, but they will also become the sinners of the Su family.

The old man is afraid that he can’t wait to take his own skin…