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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 248 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 248 Start

Charlie looked at the time, it wasn’t too late, and it was true that he hadn’t drunk happily for a long time, so he nodded and said, “Okay, you can choose the place!”

Warnia was overjoyed on her face and hurriedly said: “I know a bar, it’s a great place!”

After that, she stepped on the accelerator and drove quickly towards the city center.

In the city center, a bar named sunny.

Warnia parked the car at the door, and directly threw the car key to the little brother standing there, and took Charlie through the steps.

When the waiter saw her, he immediately said respectfully: “Miss Song, good evening! Are you still in your old seat?”

Warnia nodded, and the other party immediately said, “Please follow me.”

On the first floor of this bar, there is a dance floor and a DJ, which is quite lively, but the waiter took them directly to the second floor. On the second floor, beside the empty railing, there is a seat with no seats around. Not only can you watch the lively scene below, and there is no influence around, and the music is not so loud, it can be quiet in the noise.

As soon as Warnia sat down, she immediately said to the waiter: “Two bottles of the best 82 Lafite.”

“OK, Miss Song!”

The waiter bowed very respectfully, and then quickly brought up two bottles of red wine.

The wine was opened, and part of it was poured into the decanter. The waiter wanted to wait there. Warnia said to him, “Go down and say hello to your boss. Don’t bring other guests on the second floor today.”

“OK, Miss Song!” The other party bowed respectfully and retreated.

Charlie asked curiously: “Do you have shares here?”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “This bar was opened by a member of the Song family branch.”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “The Song family is really a big family.”

Warnia laughed at herself and said, “It’s okay. In Aurous Hill, this one-third of acres, there is really no family that can match it, but after leaving Aurous Hill, it is actually nothing. Just Eastcliff has a big Big family with much better votes than the Song family. The Lan family, the Huang family, the Ou family, and the Dong family are the most powerful, and the Su family and the Wade family. Big families like the Wade family can match dozens of us. We can only look up.”

Charlie smiled without saying a word.

Wade family? Isn’t it his family?

It’s just that he hasn’t figured out whether he wants to go back yet.

To be honest, life is actually pretty good now. Not only does he have the Emgrand Group and tens of billions of cash, but also have the infinite possibilities that the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures give me.

In contrast, if he goes back to Wade’s house, he will be subject to many constraints. How can he be so free then?

Warnia poured a glass of red wine for Charlie and herself at this time, handed one of them to him, smiled, and said, “Come on, Mr. Wade, I toast you a glass!”

The lights on the second floor were dim, and the waiter placed two candles on the table. Warnia’s face looked pink and tender under the candlelight.

Charlie took the wine, looked at Warnia, who was rosy and tender, and said with a smile: “Miss Song, whenever you drink, you must have a reason to drink, such as what we want to celebrate, or what we want to remember or forget, to be upset or happy about something, so before we drink each glass of wine, we have to talk about why this glass of wine was drunk, what do you think?”