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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2470 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2470 Start

So he was very grateful and said, “Thank you Mr. Su! You are really taking care of me!”

Shoude smiled slightly, and said to Steve with a lofty posture: “In China, as long as you have a good relationship with the Su family, no matter where you are, we can keep you unblocked.”

After that, he asked Steve: “Do you know the name of your son’s college classmate in Aurous Hill? I will ask someone to check her information now.”

Steve hurriedly said: “I once heard my son talk about it. It seems to be called Doris. It is said that this woman is quite capable. She is the chairman of a very large listed company in Aurous Hill.”

Shoude looked at his assistant and said in a serious tone: “I will give you 5 minutes to check, what is the origin of this Doris!”

“OK boss!”

five minutes later.

As soon as Shoude stepped into his presidential suite, his assistant hurried over and said, “Boss, I have already investigated. That Doris is the vice chairman of Aurous Hill Emgrand Group. She is very famous in Aurous Hill and a well-known entrepreneur. .”

Shoude nodded and said, “Before 12 o’clock this evening, bring this Doris over to see me. I have something to ask her in person.”

The assistant hurriedly said: “Boss, Doris flew to Hong Kong early this morning. They have real estate-related cooperation in Hong Kong.”

“Go to Hong Kong?” Shoude frowned slightly. At first, he was a little confused, but quickly realized that he came here today with a temporary motive. It seems that this person shouldn’t escape Aurous Hill intentionally, but can only say that it was a coincidence.

So he nodded and said, “Then you can keep an eye on what’s going on at the airport. Once this Doris returns to Aurous Hill, tell me immediately.

After that, he asked again: “What is the origin of the Emgrand Group you mentioned?”

The assistant hurriedly explained: “The Emgrand Group is Aurous Hill’s largest group company with a market value of more than 100 billion. It was originally a real estate company born and raised in Aurous Hill, but it seems to have been wholly-owned by the Wade family last year.”

“Acquired by the Wade family?” Shoude asked in surprise, “What is the intention of the Wade family to buy a real estate company in Aurous Hill?”

“This is not clear.” The assistant said truthfully, “I only know that there are rumors that the boss behind the Emgrand Group is the Wade family’s, but who he is in the Wade family is currently unclear.”

Shoude snorted, “Isn’t there just a few people in the Wade family? Changying is dead, rest of his brothers are mediocre people.”

The assistant nodded and asked, “Boss, since this Doris belongs to the Wade family, do we still need to move her?”

Shoude immediately replied: “Move, of course! This woman is the only possible clue I can find at the moment. I can’t just give up just because she is from the Wade family.”

After that, Shoude said in a cold voice, “As long as she is not aware of it, and don’t leave any evidence, the Wade family won’t be able to talk to us.”

“OK boss, I get it!”

Shoude lowered his voice and continued to order: “Now we will select ten masters and check the whereabouts of Liona and Zhiyu in major hospitals in the city from recent days. I think if they are still alive, they should have a high probability now of being there. They were treated secretly in a certain hospital. You lead someone to find them for me. I have a great reward for them!”

The assistant hurriedly asked him, “Boss, what should I do after I find them?”

Shoude smiled coldly: “Inject a little bit of ricin to their food and use ten times the lethal dose to make sure they can’t escape death no matter how hard their luck is with them!”