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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 247 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 247 Start

Tianqi did not expect that Charlie would still be able to say good things to him and his granddaughter at this time. He was grateful and humbly said: “Song Lao, Mr. Wade is humble. In fact, Song Lao can turn the crisis into safety. It’s not him, and we may not wake you up.

Song Lao nodded but said politely: “I’ve heard of the reputation of being a genius doctor, so please don’t belittle yourself. In any case, you are already kind to me if you can come this time.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, my life-saving grace is unforgettable! If there is anything that can be of any use for you in the Song family, it belongs to you!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Song is polite.”

After speaking, when it was late, Charlie said: “Song Lao, you have recovered from a serious illness, and it is not suitable to spend more energy. It is better for you to have some rest, and I will too leave now.”

Old Song hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I don’t know how much consultation fee should be paid for saving Lao Fu’s life this time? Lao Fu will definitely pay twice!”

Charlie said indifferently: “There is no need for the consultation fee. This time I came here for Warnia, it is the help between friends.”

Warnia was shocked both physically and mentally when she heard this!

Charlie is giving credit to her in front of grandpa! After all, grandpa can decide how many properties each Song family can inherit and what role they can play in the family business in the future!

If she can get his love, she may even become the future leader of the Song family, which is what she has been looking forward to.

Charlie gave her such a big credit this time, and it seems that she is one step closer to this goal!

Elder Song couldn’t help but look at his granddaughter Warnia, nodded slightly, and even said: “Okay! Very good! Warnia, even if you save your grandfather, you must not treat Mr. Wade badly!”

Warnia hurriedly bowed, and said seriously: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I will repay Mr. Wade well!”

“Good.” Song Lao nodded in satisfaction and laughed heartily.

Honor standing not far away, his expression became extremely ugly.

This credit was completely robbed by Warnia, so it seems that he will be very passive in the future

Charlie didn’t stay in Song’s house for too long. Seeing that Song Lao was almost recovered, he proposed to leave.

So, Song Lao asked the Song family member to see him off to the door in person.

Tianqi also decided to leave with his granddaughter. To Charlie, he said that in the next few days, he would find a hotel to stay in Aurous Hill, and he would contact him when he finished refining the medicine.

Tianqi was naturally thankful, watching Charlie respectfully get into Warnia’s car.

Later, Warnia drove Charlie back to the city.

On the way, Warnia said to him: “Mr. Wade, thank you so much today.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Little things, you don’t need to be so polite, maybe I will need Miss Song’s help in the future!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade can rest assured, in your need, Warnia will never refuse to go through fire and water!”

After all, Warnia looked at Charlie’s profile and asked tentatively: “Mr. Wade, I wonder if you can find a place to sit and have a drink?”

She had ten thousand doubts about Charlie in her heart, waiting for the mystery to be solved, and she also found that Charlie seemed to have a strong magnetic force on his body and began to exude an irresistible attraction to herself, which made her unable to help it. She wants to get in touch with him more and learn more about the secrets in his heart.