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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 246 Free Novel

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In Tianqi’s view, even if he lived another fifty years, he would still not be able to touch Charlie’s current heel at most.

This man’s medical skills are unfathomable, and what’s more magical is that he can refine such powerful magical medicine. This is simply a godlike existence!

Tianqi’s granddaughter, Zhovia, was already blushing at this time. She was not convinced of Charlie just now, but now she is completely convinced!

Charlie said to Tianqi indifferently at this time: “Old Shi, although the medicine you bought is really effective for your internal injuries, it lacks a few prescriptions after all, and the effect is 20%. Wait for me. I will give you a complete pill, then you just have to take it, and the internal injury will be cured immediately.”

“Mr. Wade, thank you next!”

Tianqi was grateful, and the Old Master knelt and clasped his fists in tears.

Zhovia also bowed down with Tianqi, blushing, and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, thank you!”

Tianqi also said: “Mr. Wade, you are not in Nanguang Traditional traditional medical field, but I have been in contact for decades, and I have some connections. With Mr. Wade’s kindness, I have no retribution. If you need any medicinal materials in the future, Or if you want to do something, just ask me for it.”

Charlie nodded slightly.

Don’t think that Tianqi is only a traditional medicine doctor, but the Shi family has practiced medicine for generations and is the number one genius doctor in the south of the Yangtze River. His connections and resources in medicinal materials are probably not as good as the Song family.

With the help of the Shi family, it will be easier to find medicinal materials for cultivation in the future.

At this moment, Song Lao, who had not been moving, suddenly coughed and opened his eyes!

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by him. Under this look, he was suddenly surprised!

Old Song, who had been unconscious, sat up from the bed by himself!

This this

The middle-aged man in the Song family didn’t even dare to breathe, he was afraid that all this was just his own illusion.

The doctor had already given the Old Master a critical illness notice, thinking that the Old Master would not survive for a few days.

Honor specially invited the genius doctor Tianqi, but after Tianqi’s granddaughter gave the injection, it only made the Old Master’s complexion slightly restored, but he could do nothing about Song Lao’s condition.

He thought that he could even prepare for the Old Master’s funeral, and Charlie went up silently and gave the Old Master an injection.

And he did not expect that Charlie said that the Old Master would wake up in half an hour, and the Old Master would actually wake up in half an hour!

Moreover, the Old Master seems to have clear eyes, a strong complexion, and a ruddy complexion that is much better than before he fell ill!

This is really amazing!

Tianqi exclaimed, and said, “Mr. Wade said half an hour, but even a minute is not wasted!”

The Song family members were amazed, as said, a genius doctor! Sure enough, a genius doctor!

The middle-aged man from the Song family hurriedly stepped forward and asked the Old Master: “Dad, how are you feeling?”

Lao Song looked at his beloved son with complicated eyes, and his eyes were full of rejoicing after the disaster, and exclaimed: “I thought I was dead, I really didn’t expect to wake up again.”

The middle-aged man from the Song family pointed to Charlie and said excitedly, “Dad, thanks to Mr. Wade for saving you this time!”

Old Song turned his head to look at Charlie. Seeing that he was so young, he couldn’t help but be startled slightly. Then he recovered and said, “The life-saving grace of the genius doctor is unforgettable!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “It’s not enough to raise your hand.”

Having said that, Charlie pointed to Tianqi and his granddaughter Zhovia next to him and said: “Mr. Shi and his granddaughter have done a lot to save you. It is not my credit alone.”