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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2443 Free Novel

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At this moment, Shred realized that he had been completely fooled by the Su family.

Moreover, he was seriously injured and about to died now, and his life is only the last few minutes at most. Therefore, he is naturally full of anger towards Stuart, the Su family dog.

Stuart was also shocked and scared right now, he just followed the father’s instructions, imitated the European royal family, and used the same method to kill Liona.

The European princess also had a car accident in the tunnel, and then died in Paris with her fiance and the child in her stomach.

A car accident in the tunnel is indeed a good way to cover people’s eyes, so Stuart found Shred as a cog to perform the death scene according to his father’s orders.

Unexpectedly, the eldest lady Zhiyu was sitting in the same car as Liona…

Stuart is not a fool. He knows that the old man loves Zhiyu the granddaughter most, and the entire Su family regards her as the jewel in the family crown. Now, Zhiyu is about to die, no matter how he explains to the old man or proves his innocence, Can not remove the bad label.

At that time, the old man would be furious, and he doesn’t know how he will be punished!

Now, the damn Shred was so disrespectful to him, and he didn’t even want to tell the whole story. This made Stuart angry. He immediately took out his gun and held it against Shred’s forehead, shouting hysterically, “You!!! Who told you? If you don’t tell the truth, I will send you to see the Lord right now!”

Facing the muzzle, Shred’s expression was not afraid, he smiled tragically, showing his blood-stained teeth, and said coldly: “Okay, shoot! It is hurting your Dad all over now, my dear son, hurry up. With that gun, help dad get free!”

“You…” Stuart was almost furious. He put the muzzle into Shred’s mouth and sternly said, “Bad son, go to hell!”

After that, pull the trigger immediately.


Shred suddenly shot out a cloud of blood mist from the back of his head, completely dead.

At this time, Stuart saw that Zhiyu in the back row was so weak that he was about to lose consciousness, and hurriedly shouted: “Quick! Save the lady!”

One of them looked at the car which had been smashed into a mass of scrap metal, and said embarrassingly: “Captain, we don’t have a device, and we can’t open these deformed frames! At least we have to have a large hydraulic shear, or a cutting device is it possible to disassemble the metal frame…”

Stuart blurted out: “I don’t care what the hell you do, hurry up and get the eldest lady out! Otherwise, if the master gets to know, None of us will be alive and all of us will be f*cking buried!”

When the others heard this, they were shocked. Several people rushed forward and tried their best to get Zhiyu out of the deformed frame in order to rescue her from it.

However, although these people are all top bodyguards, their true strength is far worse than that of martial arts masters. Compared with Ruoli who has practiced internal martial arts since childhood, there is a certain gap. How could it be possible that the unarmed will have hit The deformed metal frame broke apart, but it was in vain.

Just when Stuart used the strength of feeding milk but was helpless, Zhiyu insisted and said, “Don’t save me, save my mother!”

Stuart’s expression suddenly became very embarrassed, and he said, “Miss, I don’t have such a big permission. The only decision I can make now is to rescue you and send you to the hospital as soon as possible… “

Zhiyu cried and shouted, “You call Chengfeng! You tell him, if my mother can’t be saved, I will not let him go as a ghost!”

Stuart said in embarrassment, “Miss…this…this kind of thing…I am a slaughter, there is no way to tell the old man, don’t embarrass me. Now, the key is to rescue you…”

Zhiyu cried loudly and said, “I don’t want you to save me! If you want to save me, save my mother first, or let me go with my mother!”

Stuart’s men didn’t know what to do next time, one of them asked, “Captain, what shall we do…”

Stuart gritted his teeth and blurted out: “Don’t care about so much, save the lady first!”

Zhiyu roared eagerly: “I want you to save my mother first!”

As she said, she felt a sharp pain in her whole brain, and she fainted suddenly.