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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 244 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 244 Start

“What magical medicine?” Charlie was also surprised.

There was even a magical medicine that made Tianqi fascinated, and he didn’t know what rare treasure it was.

Tianqi quickly took out a jade box from his arms, opened it cautiously, and said, “This magical medicine cost me five million, but it’s absolutely worth it! I have taken half of it, and I am refining this half of the medicine. I am carrying it with me, Mr. Wade, please have a look.”

Seeing that this “magic medicine” turned Tianqi into a treasure, the crowd gathered around to see what the “magic medicine” was that fascinated the doctor.

As soon as the jade box was opened, a smell of medicine suddenly popped out.

Seeing half a black traditional medicine pill in the box, Tianqi took a jade knife, carefully cut off a large piece the size of a nail, and handed it to the middle-aged man in the Song family and Honor to let them both try.

The two hesitated and put the medicine slag into their mouths.

The medicine slag melted in the mouth, and the expression of the middle-aged man from the Song family became more and more surprised.

“Old Shi, what kind of medicine is this? I often have a dull pain in the fracture of my left chest, but now the pain is gone!”

Honor was also stunned: “My lungs have always been uncomfortable, but after eating this little medicine residue, I feel better immediately!”

Tianqi smiled and said, “Now you know its efficacy.”

The middle-aged man from the Song family looked surprised and said to Mr. Shi, “This elixir is really amazing. If Mr. Shi can make it, I’d like to spend a lot of money on it!”

Tianqi smiled bitterly: “I have also studied its prescription, but I can’t make it at all. I only know that it is an alchemy that has long been lost. I’m afraid this half-magic medicine is a gem in the world.”

Charlie saw the half pill and was stunned on the spot, followed by a wry smile.

“Old Shi, you bought this medicine for five million?”


Tianqi smiled and said, “Five million is not too much. It is worth 10 million to buy such a long-lost elixir.”

Mr. Wade, you can also see that this pill comes from a good source. My friend said that the person who made this pill was Grand Mr. Yin Shi, who was more than 150 years old. My friend knelt at the gate of Grand Mr.’s residence for three days. It was only three nights that moved Master and bought it for five million pieces. The day after he bought the medicine, the grandmaster left his home and wandered around, I am afraid it will be hard to see him again in this life. “

The middle-aged man of the Song family sighed: “This old master, I am afraid it is an immortal master! Spend five million to buy an elixir, which is really not much.”

Zhovia apologized to Charlie just now, although she was convinced of his medical skills when she thought that his medical skills were better than Grandpa, she was uncomfortable anyway.

Seeing Charlie’s face at this moment weird, as if holding back a smile, she immediately became a little angry and couldn’t help but said: “Hey, what are you laughing. Don’t you even look down on the elixir, you can practice?”

Charlie was stunned for a moment and seeing everyone looking at him, he had to say: “I made this pill, Mr. Shi, you were cheated on by your friend.”

As soon as his voice fell, the whole room was silent.

Dozens of eyes stared at him, everyone was stunned.

Tianqi was stunned on the spot, unable to return to God. After a while, he said in astonishment: “Mr. Wade, you really cultivated these peerless magical medicines?”

Zhovia opened her mouth wide as if her body was frozen.

Charlie nodded and said faintly: “This thing is not a magical medicine, but I got it out and treated my father-in-law for the bruises, and I was afraid that his body would not be able to bear it. I also deliberately reduced the potency of these medicines, which are only semi-finished products. .”

As soon as Charlie finished speaking, the crowd was silent again!