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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2432 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2432 Start

Although Rolls-Royce does not have the function of remote summoning, other remote functions are complete and working. Among them, the position of the car can be obtained in real time from the software of the Rolls-Royce Center.

Soon, Issac’s men sent him the trajectory of the car.

After he saw it, he said: “Master, Shred drove into the mountains.”

“In the mountains?” Charlie frowned, “What exactly is the location?”

Issac hurriedly said, “It’s the direction of the Champs Ely Spa Hotel.”

“Okay!” Charlie immediately ordered: “Now turn to your hotel and take a helicopter to intercept his car in advance!”

Issac blurted out, “Master, Shred is strapped with explosives. Are you sure to subdue him?”

Charlie sneered and said disdainfully: “If I want to, I can make Shred not even able to blink, let alone press the detonation switch!”

“That’s good!” Issac breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to the hotel.

At the same time, he immediately took out his mobile phone and ordered the helicopter pilot of the hotel to prepare.

At this moment, it was Shred who was already driving a Rolls Royce, swiftly driving towards the mountainous area south of Aurous Hill.

This is the route that Elder Su’s men arranged for him.

After entering the mountain all the way from here, there is a winding mountain road of more than 30 kilometers. This road of more than 30 kilometers has no exit or entrance. As long as the car runs fast enough, no one can catch up.

This is why Shred asked the police to prepare a Rolls Royce.

Ordinary cars running on mountain roads will have a very significant drop in power, but for a 12-cylinder behemoth like Rolls-Royce, even on mountain roads, the power is completely sufficient, enough to keep away from chasing soldiers.

Moreover, the other party had already arranged a way for Shred to get rid of his luggage.

When Shred drives the car into a two-kilometer-long tunnel on the Panshan Highway, two cars immediately will have an accident at the entrance of the tunnel and completely blocked the tunnel for other traffic. He will drive the car to the center of the tunnel, A safety island specially used for emergency parking is the spot for him. According to the requirements, he will kill Liona and Zhiyu there.

After killing the mother and daughter, he would discard the bodies on the island as planned, and then drive on.

There will be a container truck waiting near the tunnel.

When the time comes, he will drive the Rolls-Royce directly into the container truck, and the other party will use the prepared goods to hide the Rolls-Royce in it, and unknowingly transport it away.

Moreover, the container truck that was going to meet Shred was also equipped with powerful signal shielding equipment. Even if the Rolls-Royce was equipped with a hundred GPS devices, it would never be discovered.

At that time, the Rolls-Royce Center will find that this car has not come out since entering the tunnel.

The police will first concentrate on searching for his whereabouts in the tunnel.

By the time the police realized that he might have escaped from their shell, he had already escaped along way!