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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2421 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2421 Start

Rolls-Royce is indeed not affordable for ordinary people.

Counting all Rolls-Royce in Aurous Hill, it is estimated that there will be dozens of cars smaller.

And most of them are old cars with many years of age.

This kind of old-fashioned Rolls-Royce is actually not expensive, and most of them have already turned a lot of hands, and finally flowed into wedding companies to make wedding cars, specially used to fool some young people who love face.

Therefore, there are very few Rolls-Royces that can really come up with seriousness.

The Captain Ross had also thought before, whether he would simply find a wedding company and temporarily requisition an old Rolls Royce.

After all, if there is any damage to the car, this kind of old car will be cheaper overall, and the pressure of compensation will not be too great.

However, he changed his mind and thought again: “Shred has not only a very strong anti-investigation awareness, but also impossible to fool. The most urgent task now is to quickly invite this plague god out of the treasure pavilion, preferably directly get him out of Aurous Hill City. The faster he walks, the better, so at this time must not be extravagant, if getting an old Rolls Royce irritates him, it will easily cause trouble!”

“Moreover, Issac’s own car is a Rolls-Royce, and the hotel is equipped with four Rolls-Royces of different models. Unlike others, most of them only have one Rolls-Royce, and they are very precious, so, Asking him to borrow is the best chance…”

Thinking of this, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Issac.

At the same time, Issac just parked the car at the door of the old house where Charlie lived with his parents, and accompanied him into the house.

Charlie looked at the depressed yard and sighed with dismay: “When my dad rented this small yard back then, it was as dilapidated as it is now. Later, my parents worked together to clean up the yard little by little and turn it into a warm home…”

Speaking of this, Charlie couldn’t help but sighed, and said: “That Auntie, should be like my parents, making this place lush as it was once…”

Issac hurriedly said: “Master, don’t worry, the second lady of the Du family is a well-known virtuous one in Beijing. After she buys this old house, she will definitely restore the house very carefully. I believe that after a month or two, When you come to see it again, this place will change a lot.”

Charlie waved his hand: “Forget it, I was seen by her the last time I came here, and I will rarely come to this place in the future, unless she returns.”

Issac said earnestly: “Master, in fact, you don’t need to hide from the second Miss Du’s family. She is a good person and she has liked your father for so many years. If you recognize her, I think she will treat you as her own.”

“That’s not even important.” Charlie waved his hand and said seriously: “I don’t want to be treated as a son by an aunt who loves my father deeply. That feeling is too awkward.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Furthermore, when I was in Japan, I saved the Su brother and sister. I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”

“Hey…” Issac sighed helplessly: “Master, you rescued Zhifei and Zhiyu. The old man from the Su family will kneel in front of you and knock his head three times!”

Charlie sneered: “I don’t need him to kneel to me. When the time is right, I will let him and all the men of the Su family kneel in front of my parents’ grave, and kowtowed for the Anti-Wade Alliance back then!”

Issac unswervingly said: “Master, I believe that with your strength, this goal will definitely be achieved in the near future!”

Charlie nodded slightly, and his eyes refocused on this defeated courtyard.

At this moment, Issac’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He hurried back a few steps so as not to disturb Charlie, and then said respectfully to him: “Master, I will answer the call first.”

Charlie gave a hum, and said no more.

Issac walked to the door, only then connected to the phone and asked, “Yes, what can I do?”

Captain Ross hurriedly said: “Mr. Issac, there is something I need to ask you for help. You may have to do this this time, and I hope you won’t refuse!”