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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 241 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 241 Start

Zhovia was aggrieved for a while, gritted her teeth, and said unconvincedly: “I want to compete with him. If he is really capable, I will apologize to him.

“How long are you going to fool around!” Tianqi blew his beard and stared.

The middle-aged man from the Song family next to him was stunned. No one thought that the strength of Charlie was actually higher than that of Tianqi?

Honor was also a little confused at once. Does this kid really have a few brushes?

How is this possible!

Just rely on him?

Can Tianqi be convinced?

At this moment, Charlie glanced at Zhovia, and saw that her face was full of anger, her small face was flushed, and she looked dissatisfied, amused, and asked: “What are you better than?”

“Of course it’s medical skills!” Zhovia rolled her eyes and suddenly smiled: “The basis of traditional medicine is to see, hear, and ask, we are better! Tell me, everyone in this room, what kind of disease does everyone have? Where is it?”

It may sound simple to tell the patient’s symptoms from the pulse, but it is even more difficult for traditional medicine.

Even Tianqi himself may not be able to see it completely.

However, this is Zhovia’s skill. She has been in her grandfather’s arms since she was one year old, and she has seen at least tens of thousands of patients.

Her memory is amazing, and she can remember almost everyone’s “sickness” and classify them.

Over time, she could see the other party’s condition from their face, and she was almost sure of it.

“Zhovia, aren’t you Mrs. Difficulties?” Tianqi scolded dissatisfiedly.

However, no one expected, Charlie nodded and smiled: “Then it depends on you.”

Seeing Charlie’s promise, Tianqi didn’t say anything anymore, he also wanted to see his details.

“I’ll come first.” Zhovia was overjoyed, and she immediately stepped forward, walked slowly in front of the crowd, staring at the other side carefully.

Ten minutes later, Zhovia smiled and said, “I’m all optimistic! Uncle Song has reddening on his body and horizontal stripes on his forehead. He should be suffering from high blood pressure. He usually has a light diet and avoids big fish.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the middle-aged man of the Song family exclaimed: “The genius doctor Zhovia is really amazing. I do have high blood pressure.”

Zhovia pointed to Honor again and said, “Your eyebrows are red, your eyes are cloudy, you have lung fever, and your condition is almost healed.”

Honor smiled bitterly: “I admire it. I was coughed and caught a lung infection last week. I have almost treated it.”

Zhovia added: “As for Miss Song, sometimes she has irregular menstruation and menstrual cramps, which should be caused by overwork.”

Warnia nodded and said, “You’re right.”

She pointed out the symptoms of several people one by one, and they were all correct.

Everyone was shocked and praised Tianqi for his teaching, and his granddaughter’s young age and her medical skills.

Tianqi also smiled, quite proud.

Finally, Zhovia looked at Charlie again, smiled triumphantly, and said: “Mr. Charlie, your condition is the most serious! You must have a heart attack!”

Charlie smiled and said: “I didn’t expect you to be less than twenty, but the medical skills are so amazing. I also admire it. However, there is a little omission, I will add it for you.”