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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2402 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2402 Start

Su’s expression becomes very ugly.

Shoude’s words really made him realize more clearly that if he decides to attack Liona, then his eldest son Zynn and his family will definitely turn against him!

However, he also knew very well in his heart that if he didn’t act on Liona, the Su Family’s face would disappear in the eyes of the world!

In any case, he couldn’t just watch Liona so presumptuous and enjoying her mind.

Once the Su family’s face can be trampled on by such a woman, how can the family maintain its status and dignity?

Thinking of this, he said coldly: “When this matter is over, let Zhifei go to Australia to meet your eldest brother, and don’t let him come back again!”

When Shoude heard this, he was extremely excited! “Dad telling Zhifei to go to Australia to meet the eldest brother. That would be equivalent to being sent into exile. The father and son will no longer have the opportunity to compete for the position of heir to the Su family. They can only spend their lives in Australia and die there in oblivion!”

“In this way, I am the best candidate for succession in my father’s eyes. This is great! I am so happy!”

At the same time.

It was close to ten o’clock in the morning.

At the auction venue, dozens of people sat sparsely.

These are all bidders participating in today’s judicial auction.

Most of their fancy is some second-hand real estate and cars.

Because almost all of the products sold by the company are involved in certain lawsuits and paperwork is complicated, so most ordinary people are not very interested in such transactions.

There have been many cases in the past. For example, a judicial auction house was taken, but the original owner refused to move out. In the end, the buyer was overwhelmed.

Because of this, foreclosed houses are generally sold at a lower price than the market price. If one is not afraid of trouble, one can save some money.

Since everyone is here to pick up and miss, it is difficult for judicial auctions to have a passion for outside auctions.

At outside auctions, sometimes two or more parties compete for a commodity, hundreds of thousands of items. In the end, because of mutual bidding and vindictiveness, the last few million transactions are also everywhere.

Participating in the judicial auction, everyone wants to save money and pick up the leaks. Everyone hopes to get a 20% discount for a house with a market price of one million. If it doesn’t help, they will try to get a 10% discount. Once the 10% discount is exceeded, the attractiveness will drop sharply.

Therefore, such auctions are generally not interesting.

At ten o’clock, the auctioneer stepped in.

Since everything is simple and fast, there are no extra cuts. As soon as the auctioneer came on stage, he went straight to the topic and said: “Thank you all for participating in this judicial auction. The first item we are going to auction today is an Audi A6 under the company’s name. The car has been licensed for three years and has a mileage of 113,000 kilometers. It has a starting price of 150,000 and a minimum bid of 1,000. It will start now. “

A used car like this, in the same condition. For second-hand cars, the transaction price in the normal market is generally around 210,000.

Because the ceiling is 210,000, everyone bids very sensibly.

After several bids, the price was mentioned as 180,000 all the way, many bidders gave up, only two people still insisted.

However, as the price was approaching the ceiling, the remaining two were also very cautious in bidding. A few minutes later, one of them raised the price to 195,000, and the other did not follow suit.

The auctioneer immediately announced that the first lot had been sold for 195,000.

In the box, Issac looked through the auction materials at random and said to Charlie: “Master, there are eleven cars participating in the auction today. After the cars are sold, the auction will begin for the property. Your parents’ former residence is listed in the real estate. The first one has a starting price of 880,000.”

“I have already briefed the man, no matter what the price is called, he will follow to the end, and he will definitely help you take this house!”