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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 240 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 240 Start

At this sight, she was also dumbfounded, it turned out to be the needle technique she had just used!

She immediately said angrily: “It’s really shameless to steal from the teacher to learn art! I learned away the Sanyang Needle Method I just applied!”

Tianqi’s face was solemn, and he spoke a few seconds later: “Look again and pay attention to his gestures!”

The woman looked at it carefully for a while, but suddenly she was shocked, and muttered: “What is he?”

She recognized that the needle method Charlie used was indeed the “Three Yang Needle Method” handed down by the Shi family’s ancestors. It was exactly the same as her acupuncture method just now, but after a closer look, there were some differences.

Compared with the “Sanyang Needle Method” she used just now, Charlie’s acupuncture points were different in several points, even more complicated than her acupuncture method.


Is this an upgraded version of the Sanyang Needle Method?

She was horrified and said: “Grandpa, how could he be so…?”

Tianqi nodded. He was already watching mesmerized, with a look of admiration on his face, and said: “Unexpectedly, this little friend turned out to be a master of both medical and martial arts! You see that his internal interest is stable. The silver needle is steady when the needle is placed, and the real energy is slowly injected. Only a person with a cultivation base of more than 50 years can have such a stable internal breath! I did not expect that his cultivation base would have surpassed me at a young age.”

The woman said unconvincedly: “Grandpa, in time, I will be able to surpass him.”

Tianqi sighed, his face full of admiration: “If I read it right, his whole set of acupuncture methods contains the missing part of my Shi family’s “Sanyang Needle Method”! I didn’t expect to see it in my lifetime. The truly lost “Three Yang Needle Method” is really lucky for me.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at his granddaughter and taught: “Don’t talk about you, even if I practice for another 50 years, my cultivation base will be worse than him!”

“It’s just that there are a few more acupuncture points, how can it be so magical.” The woman muttered.

She was aroused to win, and said with a “hum”, “Grandpa, what does he do for a few shots? My family medicine is ranked first in Nanguang. I don’t believe it. He is better than our family in everything, and I will try to compete with him later!”

Seeing his granddaughter’s aggressive face, Tianqi could only shake his head and said, “You don’t touch the south wall and don’t look back.”

Half a cup of tea time passed, Charlie’s acupuncture was over, and he took a deep breath and said lightly: “The Old Master will wake up in half an hour. After I give the injection today, I will guarantee his life extension for at least five years!”

Honor blurted out: “You are just [email protected]! Even American experts say that my grandfather can live for a month at most, and you can extend his life by five years if you speak. Why?”

Charlie said coldly: “Just because I am Charlie, Charlie Wade!”

“Bah!” Honor sneered: “You return Mr. Wade, if my grandfather has any shortcomings, I don’t want your life!”

Tianqi’s granddaughter stepped forward and said unceremoniously, “Hey, which medical clinic are you from? Where do you teach?”

Charlie turned his head and said, “I am not a member of a medical clinic, and I have no teacher.”

The woman asked: “That’s weird! Where did you learn the needle technique?”

Charlie smiled and said, “This is my personal matter, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

The woman reluctantly said: “This is my family’s ancestral acupuncture method, I naturally have to ask clearly, lest others steal the teacher and learn art.”

“Zhovia, don’t be rude to Mr. Charlie!” Tianqi said with a deep expression. He immediately stepped forward and said respectfully to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, my granddaughter has both died since childhood. So, don’t mind.”

After speaking, he scolded Zhovia again: “Don’t you apologize to Mr. Charlie? Don’t you see that Mr. Charlie’s acupuncture method is better than my family’s acupuncture method? His acupuncture method is “Sanyang” The ancestor of Acupuncture! Moreover, Song Laojing has obviously improved a lot after his treatment!”