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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 239 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 239 Start

“The two genius doctors are working hard.” The middle-aged man of the Song family said quickly. When he winked, his nephew Honor hurriedly held a cup of gu tea, and invited them to rest and drink tea.

The young woman quickly put down the silver needle, panted and took the teacup, and drank it.

Although only one-third of the acupuncture process, Song Lao’s face has turned ruddy and his breath has become more even.

The Song family around them also showed joy and respect.

The woman was also quite contented. After drinking the tea, she gave Charlie a showy look, meaning: You see how well I cured.

Charlie couldn’t speak, and there was no expression on his face.

In fact, if her infuriating qi is mastered well and the heat is in place, wherever it takes to spend so much infuriating qi, she will not be so tired.

But Charlie couldn’t make any more instructions, he didn’t want to mess with this “chicken chili” again.

Charlie turned around and glanced at Song Lao’s injury, his brows frowned.

After the woman gave him acupuncture, Song Lao’s condition did improve, but this was only superficial.

Old Song has old wounds in his body, his muscles and veins have long been ruined, and he also has blood deficiency, and several organs are already somewhat exhausted. The woman’s diagnosis and treatment just now only treats the symptoms but not the root cause.

On the surface, Song Lao’s complexion was ruddy, but in fact he suppressed the deficiency. After two days, he will relapse, and the disease will collapse and the symptoms will be more severe, which will be life-threatening.

The so-called genius doctor means to let him live two or three days longer.

Seeing this, Charlie made a decisive decision, stood by the bed, picked up the silver needle by the table, and said lightly: “The Old Master still has a hidden disease in his body, wait for me to get a needle.”

Seeing Charlie applying acupuncture, the middle-aged man of the Song family suddenly looked surprised and wanted to stop it, but when he saw that he was proficient, he couldn’t help but frown.

Honor suddenly went into flames on the side, blurting out: “Hey! What are you doing?

Charlie said indifferently: “Song Lao has an old illness in his body. I will try to restore his muscles and veins, and also reshape his internal organs. Otherwise, he won’t live for three days.”

“What are you talking about?” he was furious and cursed: “You curse my grandfather, I f*cking kill you!”

Warnia hurriedly stopped in front of him and blurted out: “Brother, let Mr. Wade treat Grandpa, don’t make trouble!”

“I’m making trouble?” Honor said angrily: “You can rest assured that you hand over your grandfather’s life to him. I don’t have the courage of you! Are you trying to kill Grandpa?”

Warnia said coldly: “I believe in Mr. Wade’s strength, let Mr. Wade do his work, and I will be responsible if something goes wrong!”

“You are responsible for the bullsh*t!”

At this moment, Charlie didn’t lift his head, and the silver needle in his hand was flying like a fly. With a wave of his hand, he pierced several acupuncture points such as Guan, Juque, Shaoyang, and supplemented with a little spiritual energy to enter Song Lao’s body with the tip of the needle.

The young woman saw that Charlie really dared to give Song Lao acupuncture directly, and her face suddenly became angry, so she stepped forward to stop it, and blurted out: “Hey, kid, you stop quickly, if something happens, you can be held responsible. “

At this moment, Tianqi next to her suddenly stopped her, and said in a deep voice: “Hold on, don’t disturb him!”

The young woman said anxiously: “Grandpa, he will treat the patient indiscriminately, and he will treat the patient with problems!”

Tianqi said in a deep voice, “Zhaovi, look carefully at his injection technique!”

Seeing that grandpa said so, the woman had to look at Charlie’s hand.