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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 238 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 238 Start

“Count you acquaintance.

At this time, a middle-aged man came out of the house and said: “Warnia, Honor, your grandpa is going to die soon!”

Tianqi quickly asked, “Where is the Old Master Song? Let the Old Master come and have a look!”

“In the back house, please follow me.” Honor hurriedly led the way and led the grandson to the backyard.

Warnia hurriedly pulled Charlie to follow.

When everyone came to a luxurious and classical room in the back house, they saw a dying Old Master lying on a big bed made of yellow rosewood.

The Old Master’s face was haggard, his face was golden paper, and his brows were tightly frowned, as if he was enduring great pain.

Tianqi said immediately: “Mr. Song is in a critical condition. Please allow my granddaughter and me to begin treatment immediately.”

Honor hurriedly said: “Old Shi, please do it!”

Tianqi nodded, but did not heal it himself, but stood by the bed and pointed the young woman to take action.

There was a silver needle on the bedside table, and the woman was holding the silver needle and piercing Song Lao’s body.

She is very proficient in the needle technique, even better than an old traditional medicine practitioner who has practiced medicine for 20 to 30 years. It is no wonder that although she is young, the people of the Song family are relieved to let her heal.

This young woman is indeed good-looking. Not only is she beautiful and charming, but she also has heroism between her eyebrows. Both her looks and temperament can be called the best.

However, what Charlie looked at was not the beauty of this woman, but her inner body.

Because he had already seen that when this woman was under the needle, she could actually use a little invigorating cooperation, which can be regarded as half a fellow.

According to the records of the classical Chinese Taoism has passed down five branches, namely mountain, medicine, life, Xiang, and Bu.

In the cultivation of these five branches, there is a little real energy, which can be regarded as a little cultivation.

Charlie could tell at a glance that Tianqi and his granddaughter were descendants of the word “mountain”.

The Shanzi pulse is mainly based on medical skills, first learning medicine, then martial arts, and then practicing medical martial arts.

However, even if Shi Tianqiye and Sun Yiwu were co-cultivators, they were still fleshy mortals, and all mortals could exert only true energy.

But Charlie had already reborn through the reincarnation of spiritual energy, and his physique had long surpassed that of a mortal.

The “True Qi” cultivated by Taoist Five Vessels was only one word behind the “Spirit Qi” in Charlie’s body, but it was actually different from the cloud and mud, which was a complete difference.

In layman’s terms, it is the difference between coal and diamonds. Although the two are the same in origin, coal can only be used as raw material, with limited energy and low price, while diamonds are the essence after tempering, drawing a lot of energy and being hard. Incomparable, the price has also increased thousands of times.

Many descendants of the Taoist Five Channels have cultivated hard for a lifetime, hoping to cultivate a trace of “aura”.

Because once you have aura, even a little bit can greatly improve your cultivation level and achieve the purpose of prolonging your life.

However, 99 disciples of the Taoist Five Channels, can’t cultivate a little spiritual energy until they die.