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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 237 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 237 Start

Charlie felt a little unhappy at this moment.

Coming here is to give Warnia face, otherwise, as the young master of the Wade family, his status is beyond the Song family. What qualifications do they have to let him come?

Warnia was also a little angry at this time and said, “Brother, you can disbelieve some things, but you can’t disrespect them!”

Honor snorted coldly: “Respect? I only respect those masters who have real talents and learning. As for swindlers, they don’t deserve Honor’s respect!”

After that, he pointed to the Old Master next to him, and proudly introduced: “This is Tianqi Shi and his granddaughter, the most famous doctor in Aurous Hill.”

Charlie looked up and was taken aback.

These two people are one old and one young, and they look like grandparents.

But their clothes are obviously different from others.

The Old Master is over sixty years old, wearing a green bamboo cloth robe, a pair of old-fashioned black-framed reading glasses, and a long white beard. His eyes are gleaming.

The girl standing next to him, about eighteen or nineteen years old, was wearing a loose student cheongsam, with short haircut with bangs, bright eyes and white teeth, and she exuded a cold and classical atmosphere.

However, the appearance of this girl made Charlie pay more attention, because in Aurous Hill City, her appearance was comparable to Claire, the “first beauty”, and he hadn’t seen a few.

Compared to Claire, the girl’s eyes were sharper, and she was vaguely arrogant, and she didn’t look close.

Seeing Charlie looking over, Tianqi nodded faintly, but the girl was extremely cold and didn’t look at all.

Honor again said to Warnia: “Sister, I think the person you’re looking for is only in his early twenties. Maybe the yin and yang, the five elements, and the warm and cold may not be memorized, but he claims to be a master. People would laugh at our Song family for being so fainted, not believing in medical skills, but in superstition?”

The spear and stick in Honor’s words were pointed at Charlie. Charlie was also shocked. How could he become a liar?

At this time, Honor clasped his fist to the Old Master again and said, “Old Shi, it is my sister who is ignorant and has gone to conclusions in a hurry. Don’t care about her in general.”

Tianqi said very modestly: “You don’t necessarily have no real talents when you are young, and Mr. Song doesn’t have to doubt this little friend so much.”

Honor sighed and said, “You don’t know anything about it Mr. Shi, my younger sister, who is always scammed when she is ill, she is always deceived.”

Warnia’s expression was a bit ugly at this time, and she blurted out: “Brother, what do you mean by this?”

Honor asked, “Am I wrong? I heard that you were deceived by a so-called Feng Shui master from Hong Kong before, and you still haven’t realized it yet?”

“You” Warnia couldn’t hold her face.

The “Mr. Lai” incident was indeed a failure of her own. She did not expect that she would be fooled by a liar from Hong Kong. Fortunately, Charlie was present, otherwise she would be in bad luck.

However, Honor obviously didn’t know Charlie’s ability, so he dared to speak out whatever came to his mouth.

At this time, Honor said to Charlie again: “Boy, I don’t know how you lied to Warnia, but I don’t want you to trick my Song family. This old Shi, the three generations of court doctors from the ancestors, you are a young man. Little liar, I advise you to leave as soon as possible, so as not to ask for trouble!”

Warnia’s face was extremely ugly, but she couldn’t find a reason to refute it. After all, Charlie really looked too young. This alone couldn’t convince people. If she hadn’t seen Charlie’s extraordinary things, she would not believe it as well.

However, she didn’t expect that Charlie was very calm about this, and said with a smile: “Haha, it’s okay, a small person like me, just watching and observing, never disturb this Xinglin Sage Hand to heal and save people.”