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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 236 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 236 Start

In the evening, Warnia drove to the community to pick up Charlie.

Seeing Charlie, she bowed her hands respectfully and said, “Mr. Wade, I’m causing you trouble.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Miss Song doesn’t have to be so polite.”

After speaking, he saw a diamond bracelet on her wrist and asked curiously, “Is this the bracelet you lost last time?”

Warnia hurriedly nodded and said, “This is the one that my mother left to me before her death. It is as important as life to me. Thanks to Mr. Wade, otherwise, I might never get it back.”

Charlie smiled and said, “You are still in love with it, even if I didn’t help you, it had returned to your hands after a while.”

Warnia knew that Charlie was being modest, and hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, you are rarely seen as a master with real skills, and it is unheard of to be so humble and low-key.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Miss Song doesn’t have to slap me, let’s get to business quickly.”

Warnia nodded hurriedly and said, “Mr. Wade, please get in the car!”

Sitting in Warnia’s Rolls-Royce, the driver drove the car quickly to the Song’s mansion in Aurous Hill.

This is a typical Chinese-style villa with magnificent shapes and seven-layered gardens. It is full of classical beauty and poetry, showing the owner’s elegant taste.

Moreover, this manor occupies a very large area, and being able to own such a large piece of land in Aurous Hill is enough to see the wealth of the family.

Under Warnia’s leadership, Charlie came to the main courtyard. As soon as he entered the door, he saw a young man in a suit and leather shoes walking here with an old-looking man and a young girl.

“Sister, this is”

The handsome young man looked at Charlie suspiciously.

“This is Mr. Wade.” Warnia’s expression was slightly uneasy, but she still put up her temper and introduced, “This is my cousin Honor Song.”

“Hello.” Charlie nodded.

“Mr. Wade?”

The youth scanned Charlie up and down, and then sarcastically said, “Sister, would you invite a so-called master who is younger than me to see Grandpa? It’s a little tricky, right?”

Charlie listened, and his heart moved slightly.

On the way here, Warnia mentioned that Grandpa Song is now dying and his life is hanging by a thread.

The younger generations in the family are all eight immortals who cross the sea to show their magical powers. During this time, they have invited countless famous doctors to come over, hoping to cure the Old Master Song, so as to make great contributions, or get more shares in the future when sharing the property.

Especially Warnia and her cousin Honor.

But it is a pity that all of these famous doctors who have been invited have come back unwillingly.

This Honor seems to be a bit hostile to Warnia, so even the look in his eyes is full of discomfort.

Warnia said at this moment: “Brother, Mr. Wade is very powerful. I used to have bad luck. It was Mr. Wade who helped me resolve the reversal. He has a supernatural power.”

Honor said with contempt: “Sister, for grandpa’s treatment, what you need is a genius doctor, not Mr. Feng Shui who pretends to be a god, you know?”