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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 235 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 235 Start

At this moment, facing Claire’s questioning, mother Elaine said angrily: “After all, you are also blood from the Willson family! Besides, your grandma has already apologized to me and said It was a moment of confusion. Harold instigated the discord and made her angry, and now Harold has been severely punished by her. What else are you dissatisfied with?”

Claire said angrily: “What about an apology? My grandmother, I can’t know better. Even if she apologizes, she is definitely not out of sincerity! She just wants me to go back and help her fix the Emgrand’s cooperation, there is nothing else.

Elaine hurriedly persuaded: “Don’t think your grandma thinks so badly. It’s all a family. How can there be overnight hatred?”

“We are not in the same family anymore.” Claire said angrily: “I can’t go back to work in the Willson Group.”

“What are you talking about?” Elaine said dissatisfiedly: “Your grandma has realized her mistake. Do you ask an elder to pull her face down to apologize to you?”

After speaking, Elaine said again: “In order to show sincerity, your grandma gave me a gold necklace and two jade bracelets.”

“Mom, just says the jewelry that grandma gave you, you just want it.”

Claire finished talking angrily, ignored Elaine, turned around and walked into the bedroom.

Charlie also quickly followed in.

Elaine said angrily in the living room: “Look at your daughter.”

Unexpectedly, Jacob ignored her and turned away.

In the bedroom, Claire was still angry and complained to Charlie: “I didn’t expect that the Willson family would use jewelry to buy my mother. Didn’t you know that my mom saw the money open? So did the Willson family. Some jewelry was given by them, say a few good things, she became confused and forgot how they insulted us back then.”

Although Charlie was unhappy, he was inconvenient to say bad things about his mother-in-law. He could only persuade: “When we broke with the Willson family, Mom didn’t follow it, so maybe she didn’t know the despicable methods of the Willson family.”

Claire said, “Then what if she insists on me going back to work?”

Charlie said: “You think about it yourself, and I support any decision you make.”

Claire nodded and said firmly: “I still want to start my own business!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I think so too. If you start a business well, you will be able to succeed!”

While talking, Charlie thought to himself that he should take the time to call Qin Gang from the Qin family, Issac from Shangri-La, Orvel from the Taoist family, Warnia from the Song family, and Solmon White from the White family to call out to have a meal and talk with them. Say hello, and let them take care of his wife’s career in the future.

Thinking about this, Charlie suddenly received a call from Warnia. On the phone, she respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, it’s me, Warnia. I wonder if you are busy?”

Charlie said indifferently: “No, Miss Song, we can speak.”

Warnia said: “Mr. Wade, my grandfather has been suffering from a physical illness recently and has not seen what is wrong. I don’t know if you have time, can you come to my grandfather’s house and see him?”

After that, Warnia said again: “Don’t worry, you will not be treated badly in the consultation fee.”

Charlie thought, Warnia was the daughter of a top family in Aurous Hill. In the future, his wife would start a business, and she might have to ask her to help, so she readily agreed and said, “Then tonight.”

Warnia immediately said gratefully: “Well, I’ll pick you up at night!”

“It is good.”

After hanging up Warnia’s phone, Charlie said to Claire: “If a friend finds me tonight, I won’t eat at home.”

Claire nodded and didn’t ask much, but just told: “When you are outside, don’t always make feng shui stuff with others, if they treat you as a liar, it will cause trouble.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I know it in my heart.