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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2346 Free Novel

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After that, she picked up the hanging coat and said to Leithina, “Mom, if there is nothing wrong, I will leave now.”

Leithina nodded and said, “Drive slow on the road. Pay attention to safety.”

“Okay mom, I will.”

Dorris said goodbye to her mother and came out of the ward. Seeing that there was enough time, she went to the office of Director Chen of the Department of Nephrology.

Now, there are only ten hours left before the deadline Walter gave her. The only gleam of hope that Dorris has is in Director Chen. She doesn’t know whether Director Chen can initiate the relationship and help find the right source of the kidney. It is time to confirm one last time.

Dorris came to the office door and knocked on the door, and heard Director Chen inside say: “Please come in.” Then she pushed the door in.

As soon as she walked in, she said with some regret: “Dr. Chen, I’m so sorry to disturb you again.”

Director Chen said hurriedly, “Don’t be so polite, Dorris, please sit down.”

Dorris said, “Dr. Chen, I… I can’t sit down. I just have something to go out for. I came over to ask you, is there any chance for the kidney source?”

Director Chen sighed and said, “I’ve already talked to many of my classmates. The old classmates are now basically the directors of the nephrology department of the top tertiary hospitals across the country. There are many related resources. They have agreed to help, but they can’t guarantee whether they can find it. It’s just luck.”

Dorris Nodded lightly, then lowered her voice a few minutes, and said seriously: “That… Director Chen… If you or your classmates can help solve the kidney problem, I personally would like to take it. Give three million as a thank you token. If you can solve it by yourself, all three million will be given to you; if your classmates help to solve it, then I will give you three million, and an extra two million for your hard work…… Please pay more attention…”

Upon hearing this, Director Chen hurriedly said: “Ms. Dorris, I admit that some doctors do accept red envelopes from patients’ family members, but I have never done anything like this in my medical experience for so many years. Don’t worry, in your father’s case, I will do my best to help. As for the hard work, you don’t need to mention it again.”

Dorris realized that what she said just now really offended Director Chen’s medical ethics, and hurriedly said apologetically: “Director Chen, I’m so sorry…I was too anxious, so I made the move. Please don’t mind…”

Director Chen nodded and said, “Ms. Dorris, your feelings like this are common, in such cases. It’s understandable. We usually operate on patients and their family members will come to stuff red envelopes in our pockets. If we don’t accept them, they will feel as if we don’t care about operating on their relatives…”

“So, I usually encounter this in a different way, I will accept the red envelope before the operation, and then quietly ask the nurse to hand it over to the hospital’s finances. After the operation is over, we will directly charge the money to the patient’s account. When the patient goes through the discharge procedures, The money will be returned to the family, so that the family can rest assured during the operation time at least.”

Dorris felt ashamed and said: “Director Chen, I’m really sorry, I was abrupt…”

Director Chen smiled. Waved his hand: “It’s okay, I won’t take it to heart. As for the kidney source, you can rest assured, I will definitely go all out.”

“OK.” Dorris nodded and said, “Then Director Chen, I won’t take your time anymore. I’m disturbing your work. If you have any progress, please contact me at any time.”

Director Chen nodded and said, ” Okay, I will call you if I have any news.”

At this moment, someone suddenly opened the door in a panic and said: “Director Chen, important news! The examination of patients in Ward No. 1 finally has a clear result!”