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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2339 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2339 Start

Listening to Charlie’s metaphor, Aoxue seemed to understand a little bit.

She asked curiously: “Master Charlie, as long as I practice hard, can I feel the presence of breath and guide the breath to move in my body?”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Yeah! Don’t you think how profound this thing is? Just like ordinary people singing, open your mouth and sing, and professional singers can control their breath and use their own Part of the body which comes to participate in the resonance of the voice when singing.”

“Some singers can resonate in the head cavity, while others resonate in the thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity. In fact, it is not something mysterious at all. As long as you find the right and appropriate method and practice hard, you can rewind and unwind freely.”

Aoxue said with excitement, “Thank you, Master Charlie! I will practice hard and never let Master Charlie down!”

Charlie smiled with satisfaction, nodded, and said: “You must practice well. If you can practice the inner boxing technique to a certain level, then it is possible that in the future you will also be a master of the school itself.”

Aoxue stuck out her tongue and said seriously: “I dare not expect to start a school. As long as I cannot let Master Charlie disappoint, it will be my greatest satisfaction!”

Charlie nodded and said: “Okay if you have this determination, this thing would not be effective in a day or two, let alone the internal martial arts, even if you are a ventriloquism performer, it may take a year or two to practice. Getting started, so you have to be calm, don’t rush, don’t be impatient.”

Aoxue immediately promised: “Master Charlie, don’t worry, I will control my emotions, fight steadily, and never be impatient!”

Charlie smiled and said, “That would be the best!”

After that, Charlie began to help Aoxue and gradually familiarized her with the mental skills of “Four Elephant Palms.”

After five o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Gang ran over to Charlie and said, “Master Charlie, Issac, Mr. Issac, and Orvel are here and are drinking tea in the living room. Would you like to come out and sit?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll come over in a while.”

After finishing speaking, he said to Aoxue: “Aoxue, you have already practiced for the afternoon, you can just stop here today.”

Aoxue was sweaty and tired at this time, so she nodded and said, “Okay Master Charlie, then you go have tea first, I will go back to the room and take a shower before coming down.

Charlie nodded, and then went to the living room with Qin Gang.

In the living room, Issac and Orvel just sat down.

When Charlie came in, the two immediately stood up and respectfully said: “Hello Master Charlie!”

Both Issac and Orvel knew Charlie’s identity and knew that he was the young master of the Wade family. In private, they called him young master, but as long as there were other people around, their title to Charlie would be changed to Master Charlie…

Charlie nodded lightly with the two of them and smiled: “You two talked early enough. Did you come here together?”

Orvel smiled at this time: “Master Charlie, I happened to be working near the hotel of Mr. Issac, so I made an appointment with him and came over together.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “By the way, Orvel, I have handed over Benjamin’s Shangmei etiquette company to my wife’s cousin. Do you know this?”