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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 232 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 232 Start

Ping Mei was stunned, covering his face, and then shouted angrily.

“Rubbish! How dare you hit me?”

Charlie sneered, “What’s wrong with hitting you? If I hit you, you have to bear it!”

After speaking, he raised his hand and slapped him again, and his cheek was swollen high.

Although Claire was also a little disgusted with Ping Mei, seeing Charlie slapped him twice in a row, she was still a little worried, and hurriedly said, “Charlie, what are you doing? I’m telling you, don’t you just do it with others ?”

What she worries about is not her own cooperation, but whether Charlie will be retaliated by Ping Mei. After all, Ping Mei is also a big boss with a surname. How can he swallow this breath after being beaten?

Sure enough, Ping Mei became irritated and completely exposed. He pointed to Claire and said: “The surname is Willson, your husband’s debt will be paid today, I will kill him! Let him disappear completely from the face of Aurous Hill!”

When Claire heard the words, she said angrily: “You are shameless!”

“Shameless?” Ping Mei snorted coldly: “Don’t think I don’t know, the Willson family has already swept you out. Do you think you are from Willson family? I tell you the truth, I Ping Mei stomped my foot in Aurous Hill City. It can kill your whole family. If you don’t want any accidents in your family, you’d better kneel and climb on my bed. If I am happy, I can barely forgive you!”

Claire trembled with anger, and said sharply, “Ping Mei, you are a [email protected]!”

“I’m powerful, what’s wrong with shamelessness?” Ping Mei said shamelessly.

Charlie stood up and said to Ping Mei: “The Mr Mei, you are already bankrupt, so if you are powerful, you should save the time.”

“What did you say!”

Ping Mei was taken aback, completely unresponsive.

He was about to shout when his cell phone rang.

Ping Mei didn’t want to answer, but the phone rang like a reminder.

Ping Mei gave Charlie a fierce finger and picked up the phone impatiently.

“Hey, what’s the matter”

“Mr. Mei, it’s not good! The shareholders of the company that was supposed to cooperate with us suddenly withdrew all our cooperation!”

“What!” Ping Mei’s face changed drastically, “I will call Jingcheng immediately.”

“Wait a minute, not only the Beijing side withdrew the cooperation, but also the Emgrand Group, which has a long-term cooperation with our company, suddenly canceled all cooperation. In addition, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Li and Mr. Thompson all canceled the contract.”

Ping Mei held the phone and was too surprised to speak.

But the voice in the phone continued.

“At present, four companies have called and asked Future Company to pay huge liquidated damages.”

“Mr. Jones from the Finance Department called and wanted to recover the 280 million engineering loan and transfer the account within tomorrow, otherwise they would go through legal procedures and seize the real estate under construction.”

“Also, the heads of China Bank, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, and Agricultural Bank of China all called to collect debts. We must settle all previous loans by noon tomorrow, or else they will auction off the company’s assets.”

Ping Mei was sweating profusely, his face was bloodless, and layers of cold sweat soaked his shirt.

Is this world crazy?

Or is he having nightmares?

How come all the unfortunate things all of a sudden happen to him at once?

All of them are like an appointment!

What’s the matter?

what the h*ll is it?