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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2295 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2295 Start

But even though he said that Charlie had already made up his mind at this time, to say hello to Doris, and to give this project to Claire quietly.

The Emgrand Group was originally his own industry. Since his wife is so interested in this project, he naturally wants to give her a chance to practice.

Therefore, he said to Claire: “Claire, you don’t have to think about it so much now, just concentrate on preparing, I believe you can do it!”

“Yeah!” Claire also nodded very firmly, and said, “I will definitely work hard! Try to get this big project down!”

After lunch, when Claire went to the company, Charlie went back to the room and called Doris.

As soon as the phone was connected, Doris said: “Master, you are calling for your wife’s bidding, right?”

Charlie smiled and said, “You guessed it.”

Doris said hurriedly: “Master, originally, I wanted to entrust the design project of our hotel decoration directly to the wife’s company, but I was also worried that if the project was passed directly, she would doubt in her heart, so I told her this, In fact, I intend to start a bidding meeting so that her company can obtain this project through internal bidding, which seems more natural.

Charlie praised: “Doris, you have done a good job of this matter, and you have considered it comprehensively. I also called to tell you about this matter. My idea is the same as you. Let Claire participate in the bidding normally. , And then the group directly decides on her studio, so that she can feel that she has got it with her own hard work.”

Doris promised: “Master, don’t worry, I will arrange these.”

Charlie asked her: “When does the group plan to officially start bidding?”

Doris said: “We plan to give a rough draft within one week and start bidding in one week.”

“Okay, I’ll leave this to you.”

After hanging up Doris’s call, Charlie thought that there was nothing important in the afternoon, so he didn’t plan to go out again.

Thinking of the New Year, he promised everyone who came to the home to give gifts to prepare some pills in return for everyone, so he planned to take advantage of this free time to refine the pills.

He called Qin Gang, Qin Gang answered the phone and asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what do you want?”

Charlie said: “Ms. Qin, you help me prepare some medicinal materials and bring them to my home in the afternoon.”

When Qin Gang heard Charlie say this, he immediately realized that Charlie should be planning to refine medicinal materials, so he said excitedly: “Mr. Wade, what medicinal materials do you need, even if you tell me, let me prepare them immediately I’d better send it to you!”

Charlie said: “In this way, I will post your recipe on WeChat in a while.”

Qin Gang said without hesitation: “No problem, Mr. Wade, you send me the list, and I will let Aoxue send it to you when it’s ready!”