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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 229 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 229 Start

Claire didn’t want to shake hands with Ping Mei, but when she saw that the other party took the initiative to shake hands, she felt that if she refused, she would appear insincere, so she had to bite the bullet and stretch out her hand.

Just when Ping Mei secretly hid her joy and wanted to hold Claire’s little hand.

Suddenly, a big hand was stretched out in the diagonal stab, and it was directly held in her hand.

Ping Mei was stunned for a moment, looked up angrily, looked at the incoming person and shouted, “Who are you, what the h*ll are you doing?”

When Claire raised her head, she was also stunned.

“Charlie, when did you come?”

After speaking, she quickly explained to Ping Mei: “He is my husband.”

When he heard the word “husband”, Ping Mei’s face suddenly became dark.

“I just arrived.” Charlie pretended not to see it, smiled at Claire, and said to Ping Mei: “Your name is Ping Mei, isn’t it, the boss of Future Company Company?”

Ping Mei’s face was sullen and corrected, “Yes, it’s me, how about it?”

“Not very good, people are indeed pretty lousy!” Charlie nodded repeatedly, and deliberately lengthened his tone.

Ping Mei was sullen in his heart, and coldly wanted to withdraw his hand.

But Charlie’s palms were like iron tongs, which made him unable to move.

“Hiss!” Ping Mei let out an inhalation sound, his palm hurts more and more, and his bones seem to be about to break. “You, let go, my hand will be broken by you.”

Claire knew that Charlie was strong, and said quickly; “Charlie, let go of it.”

Charlie released his hand and looked at Ping Mei with a smile.

Ping Mei’s expression was distorted with pain, and he glanced at Charlie angrily, and then said to Claire: “Tell your husband to go back quickly. I’m not used to talking about cooperation in front of outsiders.”

Claire hesitated for a moment and said, “Charlie is my husband. He knows about my company, he’s not an outsider.”

“Even if he’s not an outsider, I’m not used to talking about such an important thing in front of a third party.” Ping Mei gave Charlie a bored glance, just wanting to drive him away quickly, and said, “Besides, about cooperation, he doesn’t understand either.”

Claire raised her head and said softly: “Charlie, I’m here to discuss business matters, you go back first.”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.” After Charlie finished speaking, he sat down next to Claire.

Seeing Charlie clinging to Claire’s delicate body, Ping Mei frustrated his teeth in anger. He was really unwilling to see the flesh of his mouth and he was about to fly like this.

He snorted coldly and said: “You are the son-in-law of the Willson family. You are well-known in Aurous Hill City. Claire has worked hard to support her family, so please don’t delay her work. I will discuss cooperation with Claire. You will only get in the way here.”

Ping Mei’s tone was very rude, because he didn’t put Charlie in his eyes at all and wanted to send him away.

The poor son-in-law of the Willson family, most people in the circle knew, Ping Mei couldn’t help but sigh that Claire was married to a “soft rice man” it seemed exactly when a flower grew on the cow dung.

Charlie frowned and stared at Ping Mei coldly.

This flower is called “Claire”, calling her like his wife!

Ping Mei looked at Charlie with disdain, and said, “Charlie, if you are a man, don’t delay Claire’s work! Can you help Claire? Do you have the money to cooperate? Can you help Claire? To the contract for architectural design drawings?”

“If not, I advise you to find a job, deliver food or be a security guard, so as not to panic at home every day and be suspicious of your wife!”