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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2285 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2285 Start

When Liona heard this, she became excited and blurted out: “Help me pay attention to it. I want to take pictures of this house!”

The old butler nodded and said: “This house occupies a small area and cannot be demolished in the future. It is considered a low-quality asset that cannot be circulated, and it should be easy to take pictures at that time.”

“Okay.” Liona said firmly: “No matter how much it costs, we have to take pictures of this house!”

After speaking, she hurriedly asked: “Uncle White, did you say hello to someone from the judiciary? Can I go in and see?”

“Yes.” The old housekeeper hurriedly said: “Just now I talked on the phone that they will come over for asset registration and evaluation in just two days. They have to collect materials and prepare for the next judicial auction, so we can break it first. Open the seal and lock the door in.”

Liona said anxiously: “Then think of a way and get the lock open!”

The old housekeeper nodded, and said to the driver and bodyguard beside him: “Willson Liu, see if you can break the door.”

The bodyguard hurried forward and pulled the seal off first, then looked at the door lock, and smiled: “Housekeeper White, this lock is about to rust. You can kick it away with one kick.”

Liona said hurriedly: “Don’t kick! I’m afraid you will kick down the door and the door will break, see if you can pry the lock open…”

The bodyguard took a closer look and said, “Second Miss, the lock cylinder inside has been rusted to death. I’m afraid that even if I take the key, I can’t open it. I can only break the lock.”

Liona nodded and said: “Open the lock but try not to damage the iron door. If I buy it in the future, I want to keep it as it is.”

“Okay.” The bodyguard hurriedly agreed, and then took out a dark dagger from his waist, put the sharp tip of the dagger into the lock slot, and then pried it hard to pry the tongue open.

The door opened, and the lock broke because of the rust, but fortunately, the door was not damaged.

Liona couldn’t restrain the excitement in her heart, pushed the doorstep by step, and walked in.

In the overgrown yard, there is still a swing made of iron frame and chain, but this swing has been too old and it has been rusty.

However, this yard, which is everywhere in the eyes of others, is incomparable warmth in Liona’s eyes.

At this time, an electric bike came to the front.

When Charlie was still some distance from the door, he was a little surprised to see a Rolls Royce parked at the door.

He often visits this old house. The old house has always been sealed and no one cares about it. How can there be visitors today?

Surprised, he went to the gate and looked inside.

In the yard, three people were facing their backs, among them a woman, an old man, and a mature man.

Charlie was even more puzzled, and thought to himself: “Is this old house sold? It shouldn’t. He heard that it has been in a state of being sealed up, and it hasn’t started the judicial auction process. How can they sell it silently?”

“But, what exactly do these people do? Why did they ignore the court seal and broke the door directly?”

Charlie was a little angry.

Because, After that, this is the old house where he lived with his parents.

If the homeowner came, he would naturally not say anything.

But these people are not homeowners at first glance.

They not only tore the seal but also broke the door lock.

This kind of behavior, in his opinion, is indeed excessive!

So he planned to ask clearly if they have nothing to do with this house, he’ll let them go out.

Just thinking about it, Liona suddenly turned around and glanced at the door.

As she turned around her eyes met Charlie’s eyes.

At this moment, Liona felt a sudden gust of rain in the depths of her soul, and she was stunned…