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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2276 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2276 Start

Bro Abner saw Benjamin not saying a word for a long time, so he stepped forward and kicked him angrily, and cursed: “You dirt! You are a dog who doesn’t know how to lift up. Mr. Wade has given you a way to survive. You fcking don’t hurry up and thank him. Really wait until you are sent to the kennel to feed the dogs, you fcking cry without tears!”

When Benjamin heard this, he shivered in shock!

Who doesn’t know about Orvel’s dog farm?

It is said that there are dozens or even hundreds of fierce purebred fighting dogs.

Others say that Orvel has thrown his enemies into the kennel to feed the dogs.

If he is really sent to the kennel, let alone dead, even a single piece of his body will not escape the trap.

Thinking of this, Benjamin was desperate deep in his heart.

To be honest, let him be the tortoise, to some extent, it would be better to kill him.

But, if you really give an option for him to die, he doesn’t have the courage, to accept such a fate.

He choked in his heart and sighed: “Although the tortoise is ashamed and his life is bleak, it is better to die than to live.”

“You really want to hit me to death here, and I feel terrified in my heart.”

“Moreover, Mr. Wade in front of me is not something I can contend with.”

“Even Orvel treats him respectfully. I am a kind of very low stuff, and I can only be regarded as a broken fish in front of him. Now he is willing to spare my life and let me go to KTV to be a turtle father. Now, if I don’t respond quickly, if he changes his mind, then I really have to regret it.”

Therefore, Benjamin quickly choked with gratitude and said: “Mr. Wade, thank you for not killing me. I must follow your instructions to be an honest tortoise in KTV, and work hard to make money and return your interest.”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly said: “By the way, Mr. Wade, give me an account. I will first transfer all the three million I have on hand to you and the remaining five million will be given back gradually”

Seeing that this guy accepted his punishment, Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said coldly: “The money you make is all the hard-earned money pitted from those little girls. It is earned without conscience. If I take your money, it means that I have also become a member of that group exploiting the girls.”

Benjamin was overjoyed when he heard that Charlie didn’t want to take his money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a turtle father, as long as you can save more than three million deposits, you can at least live a well-off life!

But before he was happy, Charlie said to Wendy: “Wendy, I have a task for you.”

Wendy has been by the side, watching Charlie move his mouth to determine the future fate of Benjamin and Mia, the respect for him in her heart has reached a point where there is nothing to add, and the look in her eyes is like seeing a god.

Now that Charlie said that she was going to give her a task, she was flattered and said excitedly: “Brother-in-law, if you have anything you want, Wendy will definitely go all out!”

Charlie nodded and said, “From today, I want you to take over the Shangmei etiquette company. You will be responsible for this company. As for the company’s shares, let Benjamin transfer all of it to your name today.”

“Ah?!” Wendy said in surprise: “Brother-in-law, you are giving me Shangmei? But I don’t know how to run a company.”