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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 227 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 227 Start

Because Charlie urged Claire to start a business, Claire was thinking about it all night by herself, until the next morning, her face was still full of fatigue.

After waking up, Claire hurriedly started to wash. Charlie asked distressedly: “Why don’t you sleep more, my wife, why do you get up in such a hurry?”

Claire said, “I’m going to the Future Company, so I must not be late.”

Charlie asked, “Future Company? Going for an interview again?”

“No.” Claire shook her head, hesitated and said: “I’ll try to pull some projects.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “If you start a construction company, I’ll work for you.”

“A construction company started as soon as it was opened. Funds and connections are all problems.” Claire said: “I am going to build an office. Let me start with the studio. I will help the construction company draw design. A certain number of contacts will accumulate some funds before registering the company.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Money and connections are not a problem. If you really want to start a company, I will open one for you.”

“No.” Claire rejected his kindness without thinking, and said seriously: “I want to try it myself first, and then talk about where you get the resources. The construction company can’t just be opened like that.”

Charlie said: “I have the money to start a company, and I also have the contacts you want.”

Now the Emgrand Group’s investment covers almost 70% of Aurous Hill’s industries, and it’s easy to get some design contracts in the construction industry.

Claire thought he was joking and waved her hand angrily; “You don’t understand things in the construction industry. I will do it myself for investment matters, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

To register a construction company, at least 10 million start-up capital is required, and working capital is also needed. Where would he get that money.

Even if he had the money in his hands, he couldn’t have the connections in the construction industry.

Charlie was speechless for a while, and his wife left his ready-made resources without using them, and had to start from scratch by herself. He really didn’t know what to say.

As soon as Claire left forefoot, Elaine, mother-in-law on the back foot, came back. Her pension also counted on the Willson Group, so she often went to the Willson Group for these two days.

Although Claire’s family broke with the Willson family, Elaine thought about reconciliation as before.

“Where did Claire go?”

“It looks like someone is looking for a project.”

“What kind of project! Do you really want to leave the Willson family?” Elaine said angrily: “Isn’t it just a little misunderstanding, just made a fuss like this, arguing to cut off relations with the Willson family, what will it look like?”

Jacob was taken aback for a while and looked up and down Elaine.

“My wife, you went to Willson’s house, and you got confused by the Old Mrs. Willson’s scolding?”

“What kind of confusion, I’m not confused at all.” Elaine sat down on the sofa angrily: “Tomorrow you will go to Willson’s house with me and confess a mistake to the Lady Willson. The Lady Willson is your mother, and the eldest man is your eldest brother. , The blood relationship will be retained as much as possible.”

Jacob’s expression was not good, and he said angrily: “They want to sell my house and rob Charlie’s villa. They didn’t regard me as Willson family from beginning to end! If you want to apologize, I won’t step in again. One step from the Willson family is the best for me.”

Seeing Jacob, who had always been honest, had a tough attitude this time, Elaine was so angry that she turned to Charlie and said.

“Charlie, your father is a dead brain, you come to judge! With three of us, there was no overnight feud. You opened your mouth and said things that sever the relationship, this is too trifling! Besides, my pension also counts on the Willson Group!”

“She is confused? She wants to seize my property, rob Charlie’s villa, and said she wants Claire to divorce and marry another man. Is this confusion?”

Jacob became angry all of a sudden, stood up and said, “You go to Willson’s house and they will give you a bit of mischievous soup, you believe it!”

Seeing the father-in-law and mother-in-law arguing, they both pulled themselves to judge, Charlie’s head grew big.

He quickly found an excuse: “Claire asked me to pick her up, I’m going out.”