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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2250 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2250 Start

Charlie looked at Wendy in front of him. Although his impression of her was slightly changed, he did not sympathize with her.

Immediately, he spoke faintly: “Red Woods is not far from here. If you take a car, the starting price is almost the same.”

Wendy hurriedly said: “Brother-in-law…I can’t think to split my money in half now. I can’t bear to take the bus, let alone take a taxi…”

As she said, she pointed to the high heels under her feet and said: “I was going to walk straight over, so that I can save some money. I just saw you passing by here, so I mustered up the courage to apologize to you. By the way, can you give me a ride…”

In fact, Wendy now has a good impression of Charlie.

Since the day before the Chinese New Year, when many big figures in Aurous Hill came to pay Charlie New Year’s greetings, she realized that she had made a huge mistake when she looked down on Charlie.

She also realized that the current Charlie is no longer comparable to the old Charlie.

Moreover, he has always been very good at Claire, and Wendy also sees it.

Therefore, her current view of Charlie has changed drastically from before.

When she came out today, She just saw Charlie riding a bike passing by, so she mustered up the courage to call him.

But Charlie really couldn’t give Wendy a good impression, so he said, “I still have something to do. I can’t take you there I am not going along with the Pearl River Woods.”

Although Wendy felt lost in her heart, she did not continue to entangle herher. She nodded very refreshingly and said, “Brother-in-law, it’s okay, if you have anything to do, please do it first. I’ll just go over myself.”

Seeing that she was still wearing high heels, she couldn’t get there in less than 40 minutes. He felt a little sympathetic, so he said: “Well, let’s add a PayPal account, and I will transfer some money to you. “

Wendy subconsciously said, “No need, brother-in-law…I can’t ask for your money…”

Charlie said calmly: “You just call me brother-in-law, sincerely, I should help you, not to mention that you met me, and if you meet your sister, she will definitely help you too.”

Claire has always been kind and doesn’t like to hold grudges. If she was shown the appearance of Wendy, she would definitely help.

When Wendy heard this, she was touched and ashamed, and choked up, “Brother-in-law, I used to be so cruel to you, you are still willing to help me… I am… I am… “

Speaking of this, Wendy couldn’t help crying.

Today, she really understood what it means to repay grievances with virtue.

Like others, she has offended others before, so it is easier for him to pay her back with the same coin.

However, instead of ridiculing and mocking her, Charlie was willing to help, which really surprised her.

Charlie said at this time: “Okay, don’t cry, don’t shirk, hurry up and add a PayPal, I have something to take care of, I have to go.”

Wendy was so busy that she nodded her head again and again, but when she reached into her pocket, she realized that she didn’t have a mobile phone…

Her mobile phone was taken away by Regnar’s people a long time ago.

So, she said nervously, “Brother-in-law…that…I…I…I don’t have a mobile phone…”