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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 225 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 225 Start

Qiang Han collapsed directly, his eyes filled with despair.

The reason why he can be reused is that he became an executive at a young age, and it has a lot to do with him actively signing a contract.

In order to strengthen the control of employees, Xinhe has issued a very demanding management contract, which can be promoted after signing, but after signing, it will be fully bound by Xinhe.

For example, Qiang Han, after he signed this agreement, it was reused, but he had to work hard and be loyal. Once he didn’t work hard, or had disagreements, Xinhe Company would file a huge claim against him.

Many people are afraid to take responsibility, so they dare not sign such a contract, but Qiang Han just graduated that year, in order to climb up, he closed his eyes and signed the contract.

Unexpectedly, now it finally turned into bitter wine!

Qiang Han knelt on the ground, his whole body almost collapsed.

All his life bets are placed on Xinhe Company, but now Xinhe has is suing him for a claim of 5 million. At the same time, Solmon White wants to block him.

In this way, how can he still find a job? Without a job, there is no income, and life is in trouble.

And at the same time, he has to face a recovery of 5 million. So besides going to prison, there is no other possibility for him now.

He knelt on the ground like crazy, kowtow to Solmon White desperately, crying with snot and tears: “Mr. White, please forgive me this time and give me another chance, Mr. White! If I am blocked, I don’t have the money to pay the company five million. Please give me a chance to stay in the company and act as a donkey for you. I will definitely catch my tail, be an honest man, and make contributions to the company!”

Solmon White kicked him, kicked him all the way, and said coldly, “Now knowing what’s the use of admitting a mistake? You thought the world was created by your house. If you got into trouble and said I’m sorry, you will be forgiven? Tell you, if Mr. Wade gets angry with me because of you, then I will kill you!”

Qiang Han trembled in fright and his face was pale as paper. He did not expect that Charlie, the Rubbish in his eyes, had such a large amount of energy that Solmon White could kill a person like himself for him!

If he had known this long time ago, he would rather kneel down for Claire and call her sister as soon as he meet, and would never refuse her.

Now, it’s too late to say anything, he’s done for his life

At this moment, Solmon White frowned and noticed Juan and Jianhua in the office again, and asked: “Who are you two? Are you friends with Qiang Han? Or are you Xinhe employees?”

Juan and Jianhua were awakened immediately, and quickly denied: “No, no, we have nothing to do with Qiang Han, we don’t even know him.”

At this time, it was too late to clear up the relationship with Qiang Han, how could they admit that

Solmon White asked suspiciously: “Really? Then why were you talking and laughing with him in his office?”

Seeing this, Qiang Han said angrily: “Mr. White, they are my college classmates. They were the ones who encouraged me to suppress Claire!”

Qiang Han was going crazy, he had such a miserable end, and he couldn’t get rid of Juan and Jianhua, and they want to have a good end for themselves.

Solmon White said coldly: “It turns out that the dog bit the dog and blocked the two people together!”

When Jianhua heard this, he became anxious, and went crazy with Qiang Han: “Qiang Han, you drag me into the water? You can’t die a simple death!”

At this moment, Charlie had already taken a taxi and went home with Claire.

Charlie looked at Claire, and saw that she hadn’t spoken anything along the way, and thoughtfully, he said: “For work, I will look for it in two days. They didn’t hire you, but they had no eyes. It seems that this company is not big, and going there will limit your future development.”