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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2249 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2249 Start

Hearing what Charlie said, Wendy nodded in a hurry, even her voice choked up, and said seriously: “Brother-in-law, you are right…I now…I am awake now…… I am no longer the old lady who had a high-level eye, unlearned, and a dog-eyed little girl…”

Then, she opened the zipper of the down jacket a little bit, revealing the blue etiquette uniform inside, and said: “Brother-in-law, look, I have started doing a job by myself now, and I will be a welcome guest in the newly opened Red Woods community. ……”

Charlie asked curiously: “How did you become a welcoming guest? If I remember correctly, you are a college student anyway, isn’t it better to find any job than to be a welcoming guest?”

Wendy whispered in a very ashamed voice: “This…brother-in-law…to tell you, my dad and my elder brother were beaten to be useless people because of their plot against my second aunt. Now I can only lie in bed and can’t do anything. My grandmother is too old and lost weight. The stimulation of my second aunt has not been relieved, so I can’t go out to find a job. I can only make money. To support a family…”

Speaking of this, Wendy sobbed a few times and choked: “But…but I can’t find those good jobs, because such jobs pay a month later, but my Dad, my brother and my grandma, the three of them are still waiting at home, I will make money and go back to fill their stomachs…”

“So… so I can only find a job like this that can pay me daily…”

Charlie nodded lightly.

When she and her old husband went to the supermarket to make purchases a year ago, he saw Mrs. Willson who helped customers pull plastic bags in the supermarket.

At that time he knew that the Willson family was exhausted.

In the past, they leaned on Regnar, and they could be considered well-off.

But later Noah Willson and Harold got into a catastrophe and tied Cynthia and Elaine together, and Regnar also completely offended Cynthia.

In the end, Regnar learned of his identity as the young master of the Wade family, so he could only kneel to him and seek a way to survive.

Now that Regnar has become Orvel’s licking dog, it is naturally impossible to give the Willson family any chance.

Had it not been for that, he still wanted to leave the Willson family one last escape, the Willson family would have been swept out by Regnar.

However, Charlie didn’t feel sorry for them if he left this back path for them.

He felt that since ancient times, the sages have concluded that the wicked have their own truths.

Therefore, instead of letting them get out of Tomson, it is better to let them feel the deep water in Tomson.

Therefore, Regnar only looked for a relationship and released Gina Jones and the others in advance.

Charlie had already figured out Mrs. Willson clearly. He knew that if Mrs. Willson saw Gina and the three of them want to live in a villa with him, she would do everything possible to drive Gina away. This would offend Gina to death, as predicted.

Originally, Gina and the three were still grateful to Mrs. Willson. If Mrs. Willson treated them well, they would definitely go all out to give back the favor to Mrs. Willson.

In that case, with the help of three big and haughty village women, Mrs. Willson’s family can at least have enough to eat.

However, Charlie just determined that Mrs. Willson would not choose this path.

Therefore, he deliberately let Old Lady Willson experience the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

The original help turned into an enemy, which definitely make Old Lady Willson miserable.

And Mrs. Willson did not disappoint him.

Now, it is obvious that Mrs. Willson has been struggling to feed a family of four alone, so Wendy can only carry the burden of supporting it.