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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2231 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2231 Start

Hearing the old man’s arrangement, Zynn almost puked out a mouthful of dark blood!

“Obviously it was the old man who did a lot of f*cking planning and did a lot of things, but in the end, I am supposed to go to Australia to avoid the limelight? What the hell is this?”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “Dad, you don’t want me to appear in the public view for the time being. I accept it completely, but there is no need to sent me to Australia? There are still a lot of things in the group, and I have to go to Liona. Find a way to mediate, to save my marriage!”

Elder Su said coldly: “If you stay here, the paparazzi will keep watching your every move, and don’t forget, now I don’t know how many families are waiting to take the opportunity to drink our blood and eat our meat, getting you will be their breakthrough point!”

“So, in my opinion, you still need to go to Australia to avoid it. Don’t we have a seaside villa in Queensland? Just go there and relax. I will help you sort out the things here.”

Zynn almost collapsed.

He murmured angrily in his heart: “Sending me to Australia at this crucial time. It is clear that I can be used as a scapegoat to face all the bullets. If I don’t go, this old man will be the culprit in the eyes of the outside world. He is the one who betrayed his granddaughter. If I run away, I don’t know how this group of people will play tricks behind my back.”

“Moreover, I am now the executive vice-chairman and the second-in-command of the group. If I leave, who will take my job? Could it be Shoude? If Shoude, this [email protected] takes my job, wait until I come back. When the time came, the executive vice-chairman will belong to him, so would I be emptied?!”

Just as Zynn tried his brains to decline the arrangement of the father, Chengfeng directly said: “Shoude, you will help your brother arrange the plane. Let him set off tonight. His work in the group will be determined in the future. You take care of it for the time being.”

When Shoude heard this, his heart was so excited that he almost cheered it loud.

However, he still suppressed the excitement in his heart, and respectfully said: “Don’t worry, Dad, I will arrange the plane!”

Zynn begged: “Dad, even if you let me go, please give me two days, at least let me have a good chat with Liona!”

Chengfeng waved his hand: “There is nothing to talk about. Based on what I know about Liona, she can’t remarry you, so you might as well cut the mess and divorce her!”

“I…” Zynn’s voice was almost crying.

If you really have to go, there will be too much delay.

Not only the wife’s business but also the heir status of the group is in the doldrums. He also wanted to find out Ruoli’s whereabouts. After that, it’s his own flesh and blood. Now it’s hard to tell, he always has to find a way to find out. What if she is still alive?

If he finds her out on his own, then he can also find a way to secretly arrange a destination for her, let her go to a certain corner of the world, and live incognito peacefully.

But if someone else in the Su family finds her, or the Japanese find her, then she will definitely die!

Seeing that he was unwilling to agree, Chengfeng immediately reprimanded: “What are you thinking? Won’t you even abide by my arrangement?”

Upon hearing this, Zynn immediately realized that he had no room for mediation. In order not to completely offend the old man, he could only gently nod his head and said: “OK Dad, I will listen to you, tonight I”ll go.”

Chengfeng nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand: “Okay, go back and clean up, say goodbye to Zhifei and Zhiyu, and leave in an hour.”


Just when Zynn was called away by the housekeeper, Zhifei and Zhiyu were still in their study, looking at the computer screen.

After their mother, Liona, left, she drove back to her family’s home and called the children.

On the phone, Liona told them about Ruoli very calmly. Both Zhifei and Zhiyu were shocked by the news.