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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 223 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 223 Start

Claire didn’t know that Qiang Han had no good intentions at this time. Seeing him so polite, she quickly said, “Qiang Han, you are so polite.

Qiang Han smiled pretentiously, took out Claire’s resume from the table, flipped through it pretendingly, and then said very embarrassed: “Claire, your resume is not very suitable for us. Ability or qualifications are a bit short.”

Having said that, Qiang Han sighed and said, “Sorry, Claire, you interview failed, I suggest you to go to another company to try!”

Claire was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “How can you say that. I was in the management in the Willson Group, and there is absolutely no problem with my professional ability.”

Qiang Han shook his head and said seriously: “No, no, no, your so-called qualifications and abilities are all because you are from the Willson family. After you leave the Willson family, you are actually nothing!”

“Okay.” Claire’s face sank, and Qiang Han was clearly targeting her.

Thinking of this, Claire didn’t mention how angry she was, knowing that Xinhe’s work was already an extravagant hope, and she no longer had a good face, got up and walked out directly.

Qiang Han smiled triumphantly behind her, and muttered: “As long as I stay in the faith for one day, you don’t have to come in!”

At this moment, Charlie was waiting in the rest area. After a while, he saw Claire walking out with aggrieved expression.

He hurriedly greeted her and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with my wife? Didn’t the application go smoothly?”

Claire’s eyes blushed and she directly told the story of the interview.

After listening to Clarie, his heart became angry.

This Qiang Han is really shameless. I didn’t bother him and it was enough to give him face. How dare he show my wife a face?

Thinking of this, he directly sent a message to Solmon White: “Qiang Han of Xinhe Group is a little jumpy. Even dared to bully my wife. How is President White going to solve it?”

At this time, Solmon White was waiting for Charlie with his bodyguards in the lobby downstairs. After receiving this text message abruptly, he was frightened!

d*mn, I was deliberately trying to fawn on Charlie, this Qiang Han even dared to offend his wife, isn’t this man looking for trouble for himself?

In anger, Solmon White immediately said to the assistant without hesitation: “Call all the members of the Trust and Board of Directors!”

Xinhe Construction Co., Ltd. itself is a subsidiary of White’s family, so Solmon White’s majesty here is like an emperor.

Solmon White had just arrived, and a large number of executives from the board of directors hurried over.

As the head of the White family, Solmon White, the group of Xinhe people cannot offend him. If he disbands Xinhe in a rage, everyone will have to sleep on the street.

Qiang Han is not a member of the board of directors, so he doesn’t know how much trouble he has caused.

After driving away Claire, he returned to his office, sitting on the office chair with a smug face and smoking a cigar.

When Jianhua and Juan heard that he had chased Claire away, they both felt extremely relieved of their hatred. They surrounded him one by one to praise: “Mr. Qiang Han is really awesome, and your one sentence made Claire go.”

“That is, President Qiang Han is a senior executive of Xinhe. Among us classmates, the best mix is ​​President Han.”

Juan and Jianhua touted Qiang Han, thinking in their hearts that if they can hug Qiang Han’s thighs, they will have a bright future, not to mention the development.

Qiang Han said triumphantly: “I used to think Charlie was not pleasing to the eye, but now his wife wants to apply for Xinhe, but there is no door for such people in the company!”

Juan said: “Oh, Mr. Han, you should have taken a video with your phone just now. I really want to see how ugly Claire’s expression is after being rejected!”

Qiang Han laughed and said, “It’s like fcking crying, so fcking laughing at me!”

Jianhua hurriedly asked, “What about Charlie? Did you follow it?”

“I haven’t seen him.” Qiang Han snorted coldly, and said, “If Charlie dares to come, I f*cking spray him directly, the smelly wire still dared to write a letter, and I will break his legs!”

Juan complimented: “Mr. Qiang Han, you are really amazing! How could Charlie’s stinky rag compare to you!”