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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2227 Free Novel

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Faced with his father’s reprimand, Zynn said with an expression of pain, “Dad, isn’t that the way things are like? Because of feelings? One party is always more involved than the other, and Liona has been steadfast in the years she has been with me. In comparison, I have let her down…”

Chengfeng waved his hand with a somewhat impatient expression, and said, “Liona, don’t talk about her anymore. Now is not the time to discuss the love of your children. The most important thing now is how to deal with our next affairs. the big trouble!”

“Yes, big brother!” The second child, Shoude, said with a sad face: “We are really stabbing the hornet’s nest now. The whole of Japan is angry about the Su family, and the domestic people also think that we are ruthless and unjust, and the Internet is all against us. Remarks, as soon as the stock market opens tomorrow, the stock prices of our listed companies will definitely plummet, and then our losses will be incalculable!

The third child Shouren blurted out: “Also, now even our own people will probably be chilled by Ruoli’s affairs. The children don’t know if they have heard of this. If they do, I’m afraid they will think more in their hearts…”

Chengfeng said with a black face: “Go back and make it clear with your children! The reason why I want to use Ruoli to cooperate with the Self-Defense Forces is that, on the one hand, Ruoli is not a dignified blood relative, but the result of a shameless private affair. Having a daughter, on the other hand, is also because Ruoli herself is bound to die, so let your children not think about it! Don’t discuss this matter within the family. Offenders will be sent directly to South America to stay for three years!”

When everyone heard this, their expressions were stunned.

The old man must feel that this incident is very embarrassing. As the trader behind him, once the incident is exposed, he must feel unable to lookup.

As a result, everyone tacitly remained silent, no one spoke or even nodded.

This is where the Su family’s sons are smart.

They all know that the old man pays great attention to his own face and majesty, so once he feels that this incident is a scandal he does not want others to mention it again, then he simply doesn’t even answer the right things and treat it as nothing.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Mr. Su’s face eased a little, and he said: “I’m planning a few things now, and you will listen to me!”

Everyone stepped forward and respectfully said: “Dad, say it!”

Elder Su said in a cold voice: “First, from now on, contact all the media that we can contact and pay a big price for them to delete the report!”

“Second, contact all social media, platforms, and apps, and ask them to delete the Su’s incident from all the hot search lists and delete negative content!”

“Thirdly, let the navy dispatch the rumors, claiming that this incident is all a competitor’s fiction, and Ruoli is not a descendant of the Su family at all! Anyone who dares to spread rumors on the Internet or other media platforms must bear corresponding legal responsibilities! “

Everyone nodded.

Elder Su sighed: “With the current situation, our Su family can only conduct PR stunts.”

“As long as PR stunts are done well, it’s not impossible to turn against the wind.”

“Of course, the headwind can only come back to the domestic public opinion. The Japanese people and the government now hate the Su family. No matter how the Su family is washed clean, it is impossible to wash it in Japan. You will definitely not want to make money from the Japanese in the future. And in the future, Japan will definitely report to the revivalists in all aspects…”