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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2226 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2226 Start

Elder Su said coldly: “Don’t forget, she is just an illegitimate daughter with a shameless identity!”

Zynn angrily said: “What about the illegitimate daughter? The illegitimate daughter is also my daughter, Zynn’s daughter!”

Father Su was equally angry and asked him: “What? Are you questioning my decision?! Are you going to settle accounts with me?!”

Zynn gritted his teeth and said: “Because of you, my biological daughter is missing, and my wife is going to divorce me!”

Elder Su said coldly: “Don’t think that I hurt Ruoli, you are the one who really hurt her!”

“If you didn’t let her destroy the Matsumoto family, how could the Japanese government hate her to the bone?”

“Your biological daughter became the number one felon in Japan because of your orders!”

“With all the crimes you made her commit, according to Japanese law, she must not escape her death!”

“So you have to remember, you are the cause! You are the cause! Not me!”

Zynn heard this, his whole expression was like lightning strikes, and in an instant, he became extremely ashamed.

Mr. Su was right.

If he hadn’t had to destroy the Matsumoto family at that time, Ruoli would never end up like that!

Therefore, when he heard this, the anger in his heart instantly faded away because of shame and self-blame.

Seeing the prospect of a comeback, Mr. Su immediately pursued the victory, and said sharply: “So, even if I didn’t do this, Ruoli will never survive! How can you say that I killed her? Even if she didn’t survive in the end, mainly The person responsible is also you, not me!”

“On the contrary, it was precisely because I made such a show that Ruoli had a chance to survive!”

“You know, her whereabouts are unknown now! This proves that she is neither in the hands of the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department nor the Self-Defense Forces. Maybe she can really find a chance to survive!”

Zynn’s was extremely depressed.

He also knew that for Ruoli’s crimes, in the Japanese judicial system, there is bound to be the only possibility of the death penalty. The father is right. If Ruoli really died, most of the responsibility lies with him.

At this time, the old man Su continued coldly: “As for Liona, if she wants to divorce you, please divorce!”

“Unlike us, the Du family is in a high position and pays great attention to the face. The fact that you have an illegitimate daughter is exposed. Even if Liona does not divorce you, the Du family will definitely force her to follow suit for the sake of face. You are left with no option.”

“Anyway, the Du family’s historical mission to the Su family has been completed, and we won’t have any needs for them in the future. Divorce is not a bad thing.”

Zynn said desperately: “But my feelings for Liona come from the bottom of my heart…”

“I know.” Old Su snorted coldly, and said, “Do you know, why I’m most dissatisfied with you?”

Zynn shook his head blankly.

Elder Su sternly reprimanded: “The thing I am most dissatisfied with is that you are too humble when facing Liona! The dignified Su family man, how can you be so humble to a woman!”