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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2223 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2223 Start

Seeing Liona’s resolute and her leaving without looking back, Zynn was so painful that he almost suffocated.

He had known for a long time that Liona did not actually love him.

He had already known that the person Liona had always loved was actually Changying.

Moreover, Liona sometimes underestimated Zynn’s skill.

Although he never interfered with Liona’s privacy on the surface, in fact, he knew everything about Liona’s behavior secretly.

Many years ago, after the mobile phone started to have the wifi networking function, Zynn allowed top Internet hackers to closely monitor his wifi network.

Liona’s mobile phone, when connected to the wifi, which software and which websites she visited after connecting to the wifi, he can use the tools provided by the hacker to carry out comprehensive monitoring.

Therefore, he also knows that Liona has quietly visited the web album website almost every day when he is not around for so many years.

In order to know what secret she was hiding in the web album, he even asked his subordinates to use a company shell outside to directly acquire the operating company of the web album.

Acquiring this company would naturally control all user data on the company servers.

Including what the user uploaded and browsed here, he can see clearly in the database.

Therefore, he already knew that Liona would go to that online photo album every day to see some photos of her with Changying or Changying’s solo photos.

This has always been huge torture for Zynn.

He couldn’t accept the beloved wife around him was always thinking about other men.

Even if that man is already dead!

How could it be that if he worked so hard to please and impress her, it was not important to her, yet she valued a dead person more?

Because of this, he has always hated Changying.

Even if Changying had passed away many years ago, he still hated him to the extreme, and he hasn’t weakened in the slightest for so many years.

However, Zynn has always used the words “she’s mine” to hypnotize himself.

He thought, what if Liona loves Changying deeply? Hasn’t she married him now? Didn’t she give birth to his two children?

So, in the final analysis, he is Liona’s man and her only man, which is already an absolute victory.

However, now Liona resolutely left him and instantly destroyed his “she’s mine” mentality without leaving any residue.

Although the hatred in his heart was overwhelming at this time, when he thought that the old man still had important things waiting for him to pass, he could only temporarily calm his mind, wiped his tears, pounced his face with cold water, and wrapped his pajamas. Hurry to the old man’s study.

Chengfeng’s study room is larger than the living room of an ordinary villa.

To put it bluntly, this is Chengfeng’s chamber.

Like the imperial library of the ancient emperor, Chengfeng not only reads books here, cultivates his body, but also regards it as the core brain of the entire Su family.

He often discusses important matters of the Su family with his sons and core members in the study. Many decisions that affect the Su family and even the business community of the whole country originate from this room.

Right now, Grandpa Su had summoned all the second-generation descendants of the entire Su family.

In addition to Zynn, there are Shoude Su, Shouren Su, Shouyi Su, Shouli, Shouzhi Su, and Shouxin Su.

Chengfeng has five sons and two daughters, which represent the five characteristics of Virtue, Ren, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, and Belief.

Because of entanglement with Liona, Zynn came last.