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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 221 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 221 Start

Solmon White said quickly: “Mr. Charlie, it’s peak time. It is estimated that it is difficult to get a taxi. If you don’t dislike it, I will give you two a ride.

Although Claire felt a little strange that Solmon White had just arrived, she said with embarrassment: “This is too troublesome for Mr. White.”

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Solmon White hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for the two of them, very happy.

Seeing this, Charlie touched his nose and didn’t say a word. He knew that Solmon White had seized the opportunity to kneel, and he would definitely not let it go. It happened that he needed to use him too, so there was no reason to refuse.

The driver drove in front, and Solmon White sat in the passenger seat, chatting casually with Charlie.

As soon as she got into the car, Claire was very puzzled as she listened to the conversation between the two.

This Solmon White is also a successful person in Aurous Hill. He has a higher status in the business circle than the Old Mrs. Willson. He is usually stable, but Claire clearly feels that Solmon White seems to be playing Charlie’s flattery, and he is particularly numb.

She took a peek at Charlie, and saw that his face was natural, neither humble nor overbearing, and even more weird.

Logically speaking, in front of Solmon White and other figures, ordinary people are only stubborn and try their best to please, but Charlie looks indifferent, and he doesn’t even pay attention to Solmon White.

What’s more amazing is that Solmon White gave Charlie a villa worth more than 100 million, which is really strange!

However, Claire had long heard that Solmon White was particularly superstitious of metaphysics. He would still burn incense and worship God of Wealth at home on the fifth and fifteenth of each month. It just so happened that Charlie seemed to have studied such mysterious things. For this reason Solmon White was so polite to Charlie.

However, these feudal superstitions, anyway, she firmly does not believe.

Ten minutes later, the car had stopped at the door of Xinhe Construction Company.

As soon as the car stopped, Solmon White hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for the two of them.

Claire hurriedly said “Thank you Mr. White”, and then followed Charlie to Xinhe Construction Company.

“Mr. Wade, I’ll be here waiting for you to come out.” Solmon said.

Charlie nodded to him and said, “Thank you for sending us here, but you don’t have to wait here. I don’t know when you will come out. You just need to go.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine today.”

Solmon White nodded and bowed his waist and smiled: “The White family hasn’t been doing good business recently. He’s really worried. I have to take the time to consult with you.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Are you from a chicken? This year’s fleeting year is Tai Sui, chickens and dogs are incompatible, and the two are incompatible with each other. You can buy some herbs such as Zak Ai, Tribulus Terrestris, Cangzhu, Poria, etc. Take a few more medicated baths to get rid of the eczema, and the fortune should not be so bad. The internal dampness is caused by the evil, and the evil invades, not only affecting the body, but also affecting the air transport.”

Solmon White was stunned when he heard the words, even his eyes were almost staring.

After Charlie finished speaking, he turned and left.

Solmon White was still shocked, and he murmured after a long while: “God, Mr. Wade is really an outsider in the world! Even the eczema on my thigh can be counted, even my wife doesn’t know it!”

With a look of worship, he respectfully bowed to Charlie’s back, and bowed deeply.

It seems that he insisted on holding Charlie’s golden thigh, he was holding it right! !

Solmon White looked complacent and snorted coldly: “Old Sol, don’t think that if you walked up to Mr. Charlie’s big tree, you were lucky! I hold my thighs by my strength, and I am no worse than you!”

Charlie walked into the hall and sent Claire into the interview room.

Claire entered the interview room, there were still a few interviewers, she was queuing.

Charlie was boring and wandered around the hall. He glanced downstairs from the window, and saw that Solmon White was still waiting. He couldn’t help but shook his head.

The White family had no choice but to treat him as an ancestor.

In the office.