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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2205 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2205 Start

At this moment, Tokyo, Japan.

Forty-eight-year-old Suzuki Tomohisa was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office where he had just taken office, unable to do anything.

He is the new director of the TMPD.

Prior to this, he was a middle-level senior in the Homeland Security Department. He was very well-known in the Homeland Security Department because he was very good at investigating and had a very hard wrist.

This time, Ruoli was found to have dropped the package, and the whole of Japan was shocked. The Japanese government was overwhelmed by this, and the TMPD became a target of public criticism.

There is really no way, the Japanese government can only let Suzuki Tomohisa take orders.

However, Suzuki Tomohisa didn’t want to take this mess either.

As a wise man, he generally stays away from such cases that shock the whole country.

Because cracking such a case is certainly very advantageous, but if you fail, you will definitely disappoint the people of the whole country.

For so many years, Suzuki Tomohisa has relied on a steady and slow fight, a little bit of experience, success stories, and his own reputation.

Therefore, he likes to take on tasks that are not so challenging and difficult.

He didn’t want to interfere with such a challenging and difficult task.

Because, it was hard for him to rely on a steady fight until today, and he can continue to maintain this style until retirement.

In that case, he will be able to retreat and reap the admiration of the people across the country.

Now this extremely difficult task, being able to complete it will certainly make him leap a big step forward.

But if it is not done, it will also waste the reputation and status that he has gained over the years.

It is like a gambler who has won a lot of money and plans to leave the game with the money after playing a few cards.

However, at this moment, the dealer asked him to bet on Stud and put in all the money he had won so far.

Only fools are willing to do such things.

But Suzuki Tomohisa couldn’t help it.

After all, he works in the national security department. After all, he is a national civil servant. What the Japanese government wants him to do, he has no room for bargaining at all.

Now, it is a foreign woman he has never met that determines the future trajectory of his life.

And he only knew that this woman was called Ruoli, who was the main murderer of the Matsumoto family. As long as he could catch her, he would be well-known throughout Japan; but if he could not catch her, he would disappoint the whole nation. He will be a sinner in the eyes of the Japanese people.

As for where is Ruoli? Is she still alive? He has no clues at all.

He stretched on the chair and said, even if I can’t find Ruoli, I must at least find out how she got away under everyone’s eyes.

Now that the double has been poisoned and died, and several people responsible for her transportation have also disappeared for no reason. The Metropolitan Police Department could not find any valuable clues.

Just when he scratched his scalp and didn’t know where to start, his deputy pushed in and said embarrassingly: “Mr. Suzuki, there are many media reporters outside. Not only our domestic NHK and Asahi Shimbun but also there are many top overseas media including BBC and CNN, they all want to interview you…”

“Interview me?” Suzuki Tomohisa said with a black face, “I just took office, what can I do for an interview?”

The deputy said: “They want to know the progress of Ruoli’s disappearance case…”