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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 220 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 220 Start

“Oh, Leopard Lin, we still have to eat, please get out of here!”

Charlie didn’t bother to care about a small character like Leopard, so he directly bowed his hand and let him go.

Leopard nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I’ll get out of here! Get out of here now!”

After finishing speaking, like a pug, he quickly retreated from the box.

In the box, don’t mention how uncomfortable Jianhua and Juan were. Charlie, who had just been mocked by them in every possible way, turned into Mr. Wade in the mouth of Brother Leopard. What the h*ll was going on?

There must be some misunderstanding inside, Charlie is just a waste! Also worthy of being called Lord, a master?

Stephen said to the two of them: “You two, let’s have a snack in the future. You must be low-key when you come out. What should be said and what should not be said, think before you speak, it could bring you big trouble!”

Jianhua and Juan had just been beaten by Leopard, and now they dare not even let go.

Stephen then said to Charlie: “Charlie, thanks to you, I toast you on behalf of everyone, thank you!”

Charlie smiled faintly: “It’s just a small matter.”

The next day, Claire received an interview invitation from Xinhe Company.

The interview was scheduled in the afternoon, and Charlie took advantage of Claire’s attention and took out his cell phone to call Solmon White.

After the call was connected, Solmon White’s respectful voice rang: “Mr. Wade, what are your instructions?”

Charlie said lightly: “My wife is going to apply for a job at Xinhe Construction Company. I want to ask you about this company.”

Solmon White was surprised and said: “Xinhe Construction Company? This company is a wholly-owned enterprise controlled by the White family. Miss Willson is going to apply for this company? This is too bad for Miss Willson, or I will just remove the chairman of the company. How about changing Miss Willson as the next Chairman?”

Charlie was stunned when he heard the words, he was a little surprised that Xinhe Company belonged to the White family.

If Solmon White can help, it would be good, but after thinking about it, his wife wanted to rely on her own ability, so he said lightly: “No, you just arrange it then and let my wife pass the interview.”

Solmon White immediately respectfully said: “Okay Mr. Wade, I will arrange it now.”

Here, after Solmon White just hung up the phone, he immediately asked his assistant to send a notice to the senior management of Xinhe Company. The thing Mr. Wade ordered, he must do well.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Claire was about to leave for an interview at Xinhe Company.

Since the car was sent to the 4s shop for maintenance today, Charlie and Claire had no choice but to take a taxi, but this was the peak time. The two waited on the roadside for a long time and did not get a taxi.

Claire was a little anxious, and said helplessly: “If I miss the interview with Xinhe Company a little later, it would definitely give them a bad impression. I would not have sent the car for maintenance if I knew it.”

Charlie was also very helpless. Looking at the number of taxis, there are more than fifty people who can turn to him. It’s really a mistake.

At this time, a black Rolls-Royce Phantom slowly stopped in front of the two.

The window rolled down and the person inside was Solmon White. He was surprised and said: “Mr. Charlie, are you planning to take a taxi?”

Charlie was stunned for a moment. It’s a coincidence that Solmon White just made it?

So he said: I want to take my wife to the Xinhe company for an interview, why are you here?”